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Randomly Me Monday: Volume One


Hi, friends!

I’m jumping on the “confessional” blog post bandwagon and am starting a series of posts with random facts about, well… Me!

A few of my favorite bloggers have done similar series and I learned a lot about them–which is always fun!

Now it’s my turn!

I’ll probably only do it for a few weeks (or until I run out of semi-interesting things to say about myself), and instead of posting these little tidbits on Sundays like most people, mine will be on Mondays.

Let’s get started!

  1. I am the middle child. I have 2 brothers; my older brother is 28 and my “little” bro is 25 (I’m 26, so we’re all really close together!)
  2. I’m a Scorpio, and while I don’t really believe in all that astrology stuff, I do fit the description of a Scorpio in many ways. Add the fact that I am a “fiery” red head, and it’s quite the combination!
  3. I was really gregarious and outgoing as a kid (read: I loved being the center of attention). I was in all the plays at my elementary school, including the lead (Belle) in Beauty and the Beast. But the second I hit Junior High I clammed up and never participated in any plays again, in fact I hate public speaking to this day.
  4. When I was about 5, I was playing in my brothers’ room jumping from their dresser to the bed. Well, one time I missed and my face hit the foot board. My nose split open, blood was going everywhere, and I immediately had two black eyes. I remember running into the bathroom and looking in the mirror but I have blocked out what I saw. I ended up in the ER where they stitched my broken nose back together. I still have a fairly large scar.
  5. When I was in the 3rd grade I broke my arm. My brother and I thought it would be a fun idea to climb the giant tree in our front yard during a wind storm; unsurprisingly, I fell out and landed on my arm. My cast was purple (my favorite color) and waterproof, so I thought I was pretty cool.
  6. I’ve had pets since the day I was born. In total, my family has had: 3 cats, 7 dogs, 2 birds, 1 hamster, hermit crabs, 1 horny toad, and countless reptiles and amphibians.
  7. On that note… I am deathly afraid of spiders (all bugs really), but not of my older brother’s tarantulas (of which he has dozens). I’ve held them and I think it’s their size that sets them apart from regular house spiders. They are more like little pets. It’s a subconscious thing I guess.
  8. My grandparents live in Nevada and my brothers and I would rotate staying with them for the summer when we were young. One summer I was there it reached 117 degrees (Fahrenheit) one day. It still stands as the hottest temperature on record for their city–I have a shirt to prove it!
  9. I have been best friends with the same fabulous girl since the 4th grade. She’s basically the sister I never had (if you are reading this, Hi, E.!).
  10. My first job was working for my aunt and uncle starting when I was 13. They owned a retail store (high-end baby clothes and gifts) and I only left because they closed the store down to start a family; I was 18 years old at the time. To this day I can’t stand listening to Nora Jones because we played her CD in the store on and off for at least two solid years.

BONUS! I found these pics in an email my mom sent my while I was in Alaska this past summer, thought it would be fun to post them here (and it’s only fair since I posted baby pics of my hubby a few days ago!).

My older bro and I


A dusty scan

Come back next Monday for more random facts about me!



19 thoughts on “Randomly Me Monday: Volume One

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  10. I reread the post again and ooops…the calculation shows that the next post is in a delay….come one…feed our hunger for reading and fun,when reading your stories 🙂

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  12. I was the exact opposite of #3 – I was so shy/quiet/wouldn’t say a peep in elementary school that in first grade I was put in the low reading group because I wouldn’t read aloud for my teacher. Then high school hit and I became more outgoing each year, joining theater productions etc

  13. Aww so cute. I busted up laughing on #4! I haven’t heard that story before 🙂

  14. Pretty sure I wore that dress (bottom picture) after you grew out of it! 🙂

  15. Whitney, you look like a Victorian porcelain doll in that second picture with your brother. Aww. The other pics are sweet, too. And so were yours, Vince. Thank you for letting Whitney publish them.

    Pats on the back to both of you for having rescued that little sparrow. Every little act of kindness counts.


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