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Randomly Me Monday: Self Portrait and Currently


For this week’s post, I’m switching things up a bit from last Monday. I came across this link-up on Baby in Bulgaria and clicked over to The Paper Mama to see what it was all about.

Maybe it’s a generalization, but I think very few women love having their photo taken, and fewer still jump at the chance to post photos of themselves on the internet.

But I think self-portraits are important. Too often women focus on documenting their kids, travels, home, etc., and forget about documenting themselves. I try to post photos of myself on my blog every so often even if I don’t think the photo is the most flattering (they rarely are!) because I think it adds a bit of a personal touch to my posts. Yes, they are usually the awkward arm-out photo with the hubby, but that still counts, right?!

This photo is unstaged and has no interesting background. No distractions. I just grabbed the camera and snapped a pic. It’s me in this moment; blemishes, tired eyes, comfy clothes, and all:

Currently I am…

Obsessing over…

Makeup. I have a bit of a fetish for cosmetics and I watch far too many YouTube “beauty guru” videos. It’s a guilty pleasure. All I can think about is buying new products! Luckily, there isn’t a Sephora in Bulgaria! Oh wait… Just Googled it, looks like there is one in Sofia. Greaaaaaaaat. 😉

Thinking about…

My upcoming 3rd summer working in Alaska. It will be the first time I have been there without Vince and I am trying to put on a brave front. I just have to focus on the good stuff: spending time with friends, lots of time outdoors (in gorgeous Denali!), Alaskan Summer and Amber (my two favorite beers), and delicious Prospector’s pizza!


Warmer weather. We haven’t traveled nearly as much as I thought we would have by now and I am so looking forward to better weather so that we can explore more of Bulgaria.

Listening to…

Seeing how Pandora and Spotify are blocked in Bulgaria, I am only left with YouTube to access music (my iPod is all but dead). Recently I have been enjoying Mumford and Sons, Coldplay, Lana Del Rey (trying to decide what I think of her), and Jonsi.


Just finished a cup of Nescafe 3-in-1 and some vanilla wafer cookies. I am hoping the coffee doesn’t keep me up all night!


Our car is having some issues. I am really hoping the problems aren’t major and don’t cost us a ton!


Anywho, I just really enjoyed the idea of this link-up and I like reading what others are up to. I hope you do as well!



21 thoughts on “Randomly Me Monday: Self Portrait and Currently

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  11. Try Grooveshark, it’s similar to pandora but not blocked in Bulgaria

  12. I’m from over at the link-up party.

    I think this is great! I like that you took a simple and natural approach to the photo.

    Your eyes are incredibly beautiful! I was automatically drawn to their wonderful coloring.
    They are the sort of eyes that a friend of mine loves to draw.

    Have a great day.

    • Thank you , Sarah! I like my eyes in this photo as well! They don’t usually show up so bright in photos, I think the camera flash brought them out. Anyway, thank you for the compliment! Have a great day too! W.

  13. I think the photo shows all of the important parts of you: your warmth, spirit, and awesome personality. It’s weird, I’ve never met you but when I read your blogs it’s like I almost hear your voice, or what I think your voice would sound like. I work at a Sephora, and after almost a year I still think it’s the best place in the world! If you ever have any product questions, please ask me 🙂 And thumbs up on Mumford and Sons and Jonsi!

    • This is probably the nicest comment I’ve ever gotten on my blog. Thanks, Mo! . I try and write like I am writing to friends and family because really, I feel like I am even if I haven’t met most of my readers. I try to be real and show my true self. If people don’t like my style they can find something else to read! And as far as Sephora questions, I am sure I will take you up on that someday! It’s one of the first stores I will visit when I get back home to Utah. I usually just have to wander around and look at all the pretties and spray some perfume on myself. I don’t get to purchase nearly as often as I would like!

  14. That sucks about the car repairs, like u said, hopefully it’s nothing major! I like this pic too!

  15. I’m not a fan of having my photo taken either, then regret having no record of what I looked like… silly. I hope it doesn’t sound creepy, but your eyes are such a pretty colour!

  16. Nice pic! I hate that pandora and spotify don’t work here, it is so hard to find new music! Youtube is not my fave, but when it’s all you’ve got…
    And yes- there is a Sephora in the mall right by us and a MAC store. Next time you’re in Sofia you’ll have to hit up the Mall.

    PS- Thanks for the shout out! 😀

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