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Done with Winter


Surprise, surprise it’s snowing like mad again in Smolyan (and southern BG in general).

I am beginning to feel like a broken record with all these updates and complaints about the snow and crummy weather.

I’m finished with winter and am kindly asking it to take its leave.

It doesn’t help to hear from family and friends back home that Salt Lake City has had near zero snowfall this winter and the days are getting warm and spring-like.

Vince and I have plans to spend out first Valentines Day as a married couple shopping, dining, and watching a movie in Plovdiv. But we don’t want a repeat of our nightmare driving home from Sofia, so we may put our V-Day festivities on hold until the sun finally decides it wants to grace us with its presence–I am thinking sometime in March, probably right as I am flying out of Sofia!

As I write this the thick, heavy fog is obscuring everything more than a few feet from our living room window. Combine that with the huge snowflakes, and I almost feel as if I am trapped in a giant snow globe that someone has shaken up, with bits of ice swirling all around me.

It might be a lovely scene if it wasn’t one that I have experienced for nearly the last two months!

Keeping my spirits up these days is the thought of Baba Marta (Баба Марта) and my first martenitsa. I plan on making some to give to family and friends (an excuse to finally let out some creative energy). Martenitsi signify the coming of spring and, hopefully, the arrival of warmer weather.


Until then, I will be found wearing any number of my fuzzy socks, drinking what feels like my billionth cup of piping hot coffee, and gazing longingly out the windows for those first few glorious signs of spring.


4 thoughts on “Done with Winter

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  2. I love the photo of the martenitsa in the tree! So beautiful

  3. Yeah… we had no snow until yesterday it started snowing at about 8 am… we got 5 inches at my house on the benches with promises of more. Mom said that there was probably 1 inch from Orem up to Salt Lake though. Lame. I like spring…

  4. I’m with you! I never thought I would miss Minnesota winters.

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