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10 Observations on Our Valentine’s Day Getaway


Yesterday, on Valentine’s Day, Vince and I headed to Plovdiv for a day of shopping, fun, and one-on-one time. Instead of my usual rehashing of the day’s events, I thought I would tell you all about it in a list of 10 observations I made throughout the day.

1. Dual voltage hair dryers are great, but when using one you must remember to switch the button over to 22ov from 120v–Frying my expensive blow dryer and almost starting the apartment on fire was not the best way to start off our day (and I wasn’t even using it to dry my hair, which I rarely do, I was using it to dry the sleeve of my sweater!)

2. Finally seeing the sunshine after many weeks of gloomy fog and snow is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face–I almost forgot how blue the sky could be here in Smolyan. The beautiful weather yesterday (and today!) is making me yearn all the more for spring.

3. It’s easier to appreciate the beautiful snow in Pamporovo when the roads aren’t covered in it and your car has brakes–Although there are two ways in and out of Smolyan , we always take the Pamporovo route and yesterday I was so happy that we did! It was stunning.

4. Plovdiv’s Mall Galeria is a huge waste of time–Big but half the stores are empty, there wasn’t a movie theater (that we could find, anyway), and the parking garage is like an elaborate maze.

5. Mall Plovdiv, however, is awesome–We found free parking right next to the doors, all the shops are open, and there’s a great movie theater.

6. KFC and gelato can make for a delicious Valentines Day lunch–We were both too relaxed to be bothered with finding a romantic place to eat, so we just went the mall food court route and got some chicken and fries. If mall gelato is yummy, I can only imagine how delicious the real Italian stuff must be! One day I’ll find out!

7. Romantic chick-flicks are perfect for VDay entertainment–We saw The Vow and it was pretty good. We both cried, we are sappy like that. I love that my husband is manly enough to enjoy a romance movie and tear up over it. He’s such a stud!

8. No butter topping for popcorn at the movies? Whaaaat?!–I asked Vince to ask the concessions stand worker if they had butter for the popcorn and he had no idea what we were talking about. I was bummed at first–being an American used to overly buttery popcorn–but it turns out I prefer it plain. It was delicious and we polished it offer before the previews were even over!

9. There’s nothing like receiving a girly Valentine’s Day gift from your husband on your first VDay as a married couple–Vince got me something I have coveted for many years–Miss Dior Cherie perfume. I cannot tell you how much I love it! I got him a pair of jeans and we’re still hunting for a shirt that he likes. He is worse than any girl I have ever met when it comes to clothes. That man is picky!

I LOVE this perfume!

10. I am so thankful to have Vince as my husband, best friend, and partner-in-crime–I feel it every day, but yesterday I was especially mindful of how blessed I am to have such a sweet and caring husband. I truly don’t know what I would do without him. I LOVE YOU, VENTSI!


I was having such a blast being out of the house that I completely forgot to take any pictures of Vince and I. I think that truly speaks for how amazing the day was if I didn’t pull my camera out every five seconds!

Hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day as well!

If I were back home in Utah I would have posted a few pictures of my vintage Valentine’s collection. I received a ton of them when my great-grandparent’s passed away. The cards and sayings are so sweet! None of the overly-commercialized character stuff like kids give out today.

Speaking of popcorn...

Valentine’s Day was one of my favorite holidays as a kid. I loved decorating my box at school with pink, red, and white hearts and lacy doilies, and getting all the cute little notes and candies from my classmates. Aw, memories!

Much love,


7 thoughts on “10 Observations on Our Valentine’s Day Getaway

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  3. Glad you guys got out! Finally a sunny day. The pictures from your drive are gorgeous! Kinda reminds me of Canada/Alaska.

  4. Fun! I dragged Brock to The Vow too and he actually liked it. And Channing Tatum’s behind wasn’t a disappointment either 😉

  5. Photos of the snow and sky are stunning!

  6. What a nice gift 🙂 and as us’ I love the pics.. that is one blue sky!

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