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Home Alone

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The past two days I’ve had the apartment all to myself.

It is pure heaven!

Yesterday, Vince and his parents (whom we live with, if you didn’t know) went to Plovdiv for a Dr’s appointment for his dad and did not return until late in the afternoon.  I slept in, enjoyed some coffee staring out the window into the sunshine which has finally made its way to Smolyan, did some blog stuff, and then started my work for the day.

Today, I am home alone again as the rest of the fam went to our village house to clear away snow and get it ready for the spring (when we will be spending much more time there). Again, I chose to enjoy my freedom by sleeping in and having the place to myself rather that going along and freezing my buns off in the snow. I can be a bit of a princess at times! 😉

Which reminds me… I haven’t had my coffee this morning. Please stand by…


Yes. I went and made coffee and cereal then proceeded to take pictures of it. Oh, the things I do when I am alone! Who am I kidding? I would do this even if I weren’t alone!

My MIL usually insists on making my coffee, and every meal, and doing laundry, etc… I draw the line at letting her wash my underwear, but I do let her cook for me. Nothing beats a baba’s home cookin’!

While my coffee cooled down and my corn flakes soaked up a little milk, I had to take some pictures of the glorious weather outside. It’s sunshine, blue skies and happy birds all over!

Can you see the drops of melting snow!

I just spent a good 5 minutes searching YouTube for the Disney movie clip where the snow starts melting and the flowers start coming out. Is that from Bambi? For the life of me I can’t remember which Disney it is from.

But this was the closest I could find. Spring sure has me twitterpated!


And here’s Happy Harmonies from MGM. The Spring Elves are in charge of adding color back to the dreary winter landscape. It’s cute:


The snow melting outside almost makes it sound like it is raining. I am SO excited for spring. Can you tell?

Well, I am going to get my work on and sing at the top of my lungs to Katy Perry or any number of other silly people–I am home alone, after all!

Hope everyone is doing well and welcoming the coming of spring.


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