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Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)

My Guest Post on Quest Bulgaria


I have some exciting news!

Quest Bulgaria, an English language online magazine here in Bulgaria, asked me to do a guest piece on their website.

Well, it’s up and I wanted to share the news with you all!

I am so flattered that they asked me to write something for them, and I hope you all enjoy it (though if you are a regular reader, you likely know most of the information already).

Take some time to check out the website; they have lots of other great expat interviews, recipes, travel articles, and more.

I am working on another couple of guest posts for some other bloggers and I will let you all know when those go up!


10 thoughts on “My Guest Post on Quest Bulgaria

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  2. That is very cool! I’ve never heard of that site before, I’ll have to check it out more now 🙂

  3. So cool. I read your article and it was great! Wow, I didn’t know Vince has two masters! Holy cow! It’s taking me all my courage to just get one! What are his Masters worth in America?

    • Thanks, Linds! Yeah, he has two Masters, unfortunately one is in teaching (which doesn’t transfer to the U.S.) and the other is in English and business informatics (computer stuff). That one probably isn’t worth much in the U.S. either. He might go to school for programming if we move back to Utah, but we don’t really know yet!

  4. Congrats! That’s awesome!

  5. This is awesome! I love that you are having the time of your life and making new friends in Bulgaria.

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