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KONY 2012


I usually leave political or “heavier” issues off of my blog. But this is something that, once I watched the video, I could not help but share.

Please take a half hour of your day and watch this eye-opening and soul-stretching video on Joseph Kony and, his victims, the Invisible Children of Uganda.

As I get older I am becoming acutely aware of the social injustices in this world and I want to do my best (even as just one person among billions) to make this world a better place for my children and grandchildren.

Sharing this video, signing the pledge, and purchasing the Kony 2012 Action Kit, are the least I can do to play my part in bringing light to an issue that so many are unaware of.

Kudos to the Invisible Children organization and Jason Russell (and his adorable son, Gavin) for putting this campaign together and using social networking for something good. Sure, they may be sensationalizing things a bit, but perhaps that is what it takes to create public action these days. Opening people’s eyes to world issues is never a bad thing. The actual war may have ended in Uganda, but until Kony is captured and brought to trial for crimes against humanity, the fight for awareness should not stop.

Can’t wait to get my bracelet and action kit. I am not the most socially active person on the planet, but I will surely put up some posters and spread the word in Salt Lake City, specifically on the night of April 20th, for Cover the Night, a mass-movement to raise awareness of Kony across the world.

Let’s make Joseph Kony the most famous man on earth.



13 thoughts on “KONY 2012

  1. Kony 2012 Video is Misleading – http:XXXXX

    Youth Movement Promotes US Military Presence in Central Africa – http:XXXXX

    • **I edited this comment to remove the url addresses provided**

      I am all for feedback and disagreements on my posting of the Kony 2012 video. However, I do not feel that I should approve a comment with a link to a YouTube video where comments are disabled. Isn’t that a bit hypocritical? To leave comments directing people to a video that states that the Kony video is misleading (which is a valid opinion), but comments on that video itself are not allowed?

      This is the first time I have EVER edited/censored a comment left on my blog. But I feel strongly about all sides playing fair. Find a video that has comments allowed (and is relevant this this argument), and I will gladly post the link.



  2. Please do NOT support this campaign! Do not get taken in by the slick production values of a fancy movie. Read this Jezebel blog to learn all about how this organization is not worth your time or money….

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Katja. I love a good debate! But I have to say, I am not usually one to be taken in by people. After seeing the video, I did what I think any responsible person should do before donating money–I researched Invisible Children, the LRA, and the current status in Uganda. I think people’s biggest argument against IC is their use of funds for things other than those directly related to Africa. But it takes money to hire staff, produce videos (and yes, this one is slick, but it’s obviously helping to make Joseph Kony a household name), and make action kits. I challenge you to find ANY charity whose finances are 100% transparent. EVERY charity has to use funds for their staffs to travel, eat, live, etc. Not every single penny donated can be directly used for the charities mission. It isn’t possible. For every negative website or article on IC, there is a positive one. This Jezebel article is the least constructive one I have come across. The video had too much “indie-ness.” REALLY? They may be savvy with the ole video editing and they may be stirring people up, but isn’t that the whole point? I think that it takes a whole lot these days to get people to pay attention to an issue. We are a bunch of over-stimulated media junkies who have become desensitized to the horrible things in this world. Invisible Children may have their shortcomings, but they are at least doing something to make people sit up and pay attention. Yes, I bought an action kit. I support this organization in their goal to make Kony so famous across the world that his capture is all but guaranteed. This man needs to be put on trial for crimes against humanity. PERIOD. If that means supporting a somewhat controversial charity (according to some) who produced a popular video, then so be it. I happen to support their cause. Feel free to respond. I enjoy hearing other people’s views on issues. Thanks for reading!


    • Katja, just came across this:

      In response to the criticisms they have received since putting the video up yesterday, Invisible Children has put this page together to clear some things up. I would recommend you, and anyone else who wants to see both sides of the argument, read it.


  3. Thank you for posting this. I am the same way with my blog. You covered it very well.

  4. I just watched the 30 min movie and would love to go out in April. I’m buying the packet and hope we can all do our part for our children’s future

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  6. You must see the movie, “machine gun preacher”. We just watched it last night, very good movie.

  7. I also just watched the video about Kony and was curious what type of response there would be in SLC… I think I’ll donate and cover-the-night

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