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Chestit Praznik Mili Dami! (Happy Women’s Day!)


Today is International Women’s Day, a holiday taken pretty seriously in Bulgaria.

It is quite similar to Mother’s Day in America, but it celebrates all women, not just mothers.

And lucky for me, too! Vince woke me up this morning with a pretty daisy arrangement, my in-laws gave me some cash, and we all ate a pretty little cake with our lunch.


Today’s a good day!

I can get behind any holiday where I get to sleep in and be woken up for flowers and cake!

The pretty flowers got me in the mood to try out some of the new finger nail polish I picked up in preparation for spring.

The glitter I already tried out a few days ago over some Essie polish I brought from home. Let me tell you, that stuff wears like a dream but is a nightmare getting off!

I already smudged the pink, so I think I’ll remove it and go for the purple. The pink isn’t the shade I thought it would be anyway.

Yep, bright nail polish and daisies–spring is knockin’ on the door!




3 thoughts on “Chestit Praznik Mili Dami! (Happy Women’s Day!)

  1. Beautiful flower! It’s so big and gorgeous.

  2. Chestit Praznik Whitney 🙂

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