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Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)

Big Plans


This Sunday, my in-laws are throwing a big get together with my Father-in-Law’s side of the family here at our apartment.

We are expecting about 20 people total. I am pretty nervous as everyone is coming to meet me. That’s a lot of pressure!

We already got together with my Mother-in-Law’s side of the family about a month ago, so that’s good. Baby steps to meeting me new (massive) family is the way to go.

Vince and his parents have been planning the menu for weeks. He even asked me if I brought a dress with me to wear. HA! NO! My nice jeans and a black top will have to suffice.

We went out today to get all the groceries. About 6 stops and lots of money later, we came home with everything we need. We’ve got 4 kinds of cheese, 5 salami, lots of finger foods, basically half of a cow and a couple whole chickens, tons of vegetables, and enough alcohol to stock a small bar. This is going to be one rockin’ Sunday lunch. Bulgarian’s sure know how to throw a shindig!

On Monday (hopefully not any worse for wear from Sunday’s events), we are going to be packing and preparing for our cross-country (ish) road trip.

We are leaving Smolyan on Tuesday and will end up in Burgas sometime over the weekend, where we’ll spend a few days exploring the Black Sea coast. I am trying to ignore the control-freak trip planner inside of me as Vince wants the trip to be more spontaneous. It does have its advantages, as we can spend as much time or as little time in each place, depending on how much we like it.

In between, we will be staying the night  in  Hisarya (where I will be meeting up with a great friend, J., from Utah who is in BG on The World Race), visiting Koprivshtitsa, Sopot, Karlovo, Kalofer, Shipka, Gabrovo/Etara, Veliko Tarnonvo (over night), and Kazanlak.

Once we get to Burgas, we are hoping to have enough time to branch out and explore Nessebar and Sozopol as well. March probably isn’t the best time to go to enjoy the sea, but it means less crowds, which is always nice.

On the way home, we hope to stop and spend the night in Plovdiv. We have some friends who want to meet up before I leave at the end of the month. Weirdly enough, both of them will be in Alaska this summer, so I will get to see them in a few months anyway!

I have been looking forward to traveling since I got here in December. Originally, we had hoped to visit Greece or Turkey, but the massive amounts of snow we got this winter prevented venturing very far from home. Now that it has warmed up, we decided to just see more of Bulgaria, which is fine by me!

My time in Bulgaria is quickly coming to an end. I am happy to be meeting new family and seeing more of the country before I leave for the states. I am really torn up about having to leave Vince, but I just keep reminding myself that it will be our last time apart and I will be back in the fall.

Big plans for this month in Bulgaria! Going out with a bang!



5 thoughts on “Big Plans

  1. Whitney! Party sounds amazing. Enough booze to fill a bar! Bulgarians sound like my kind of people. I know they will adore you! Please please take food shots. Take Bulgarian shots! I’m hungry already just thinking about all those chickens! Enjoy your days together – and you’ll always have your blog memories when you have to leave for Alaska soon.

    I know long distance marriage. My husband and I were separated two years – myself in Spain and he in Panama. 21years together and still going. It can be done. Lots of laughter and communication, and neither of which you are lacking Whit!

    Cannot wait to read about the party and see the pix. What a family you have! It’s brilliant!

  2. Aveţi proiecte frumoase. Să vă ajute Dumnezeu să le puteţi duce la bun sfârşit.
    Să aveţi parte de o noapte liniştită.

  3. The road trip sounds like it will be awesome! Looking forward to hearing all about it 🙂

  4. Sounds like you’ll be busy. Enjoy meeting the family and traveling. I’m sure it can’t be easy having to leave Vince!!!

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