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Party Time: Meeting My New Family!


The pictures I posted last night were probably an exaggeration of how our party went yesterday (gotta keep ya’ll coming back somehow!).

Yes, there was whiskey and beer all around, but it was a lot tamer than I had expected it to be with that amount of alcohol around. I guess simply having the stuff available and free flowing is a Bulgarian thing.

My FIL’s family were incredibly sweet to me, showering me with flowers, chocolates, kitchen stuff, and some cash (to celebrate our marriage).

I am still trying to get used to the triple cheek kiss thing. We don’t do that in America. It’s not that I mind it, I just feel stupid every time one of his family members did it to me, as I got all stiff and didn’t know which way to turn. But I think I had it down by the end of the evening when everyone left and a new round of kisses started.

My in-laws worked really hard on all the food, and it was outstanding. Recently, I have been shying away from meat (I never eat meat everyday at home, and the amount of meat being served to me here started to turn me off), and I have gone days without eating any. But at the party I scarfed up the beef. It was tender and full of flavor.

The salads, just lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes with olive oil and vinegar drizzled over, were a big hit with everyone. Even with the tomatoes not being in season, they were still really yummy.

I got the usual “Do you like Bulgaria?” question from everyone. Which always seems like a set-up. Of course I always answer “Yes,” but then I get the ubiquitous eye roll and Bulgarian skepticism. I have gotten used to that.

My MIL passed around our wedding photos and everyone looked them over. Anyone who enters our apartment is treated to those photos!

My nerves were instantly gone after we all sat down. Everyone was incredibly sweet and had Vince translate their questions. This side of the family reminds me a lot of my mom’s side of the family. We have Sunday dinner nearly every week. We play games, eat good food, and just generally be the loud and boisterous people that we are. That is definitely how it was last night. Lots of laughter and jokes.

The group (my MIL is the one next to me with her eyes closed!)

At one point everyone even started chanting “Gorchivo!” to get Vince and I to kiss. We gladly obliged!

At the end of the night, Vince told me that I did wonderfully (I think his parents were hoping that I would make a good impression) and looked beautiful. I just heart my husband! He is the sweetest thing on earth.

It’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that my extended family has grown so large. My parents only have 2 sibling each, and I only have a total of 6 cousins. Now, with Vince’s bunch added into the mix, I have a huge amount of family. My FIL is one of NINE kids! Only 4 of his siblings were able to make it to the party, I cannot imagine if all of them had come. We would have had to rent out a restaurant!

All in all it was a great evening with wonderful food and fun company. Reminds me even more how much I am going to miss BG when I leave. Thank goodness it is not forever!


8 thoughts on “Party Time: Meeting My New Family!

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  2. Wow, your MIL is wearing a headscarf! I haven’t seen those in ages. Goes on to show I haven’t been exploring my own country much. You also mentioned that triple kiss thing, that’s also something people don’t do where I live. It’s also amazing that your FIL is one of nine kids! Whitney, you married into a warm and authentic Bulgarian family, and let me tell you something, you don’t find many of those nowadays 🙂

  3. without BGN its hard to enjoy the full family sit down shindig, no?

  4. I loved this, Whit. Thanks for sharing. I’ve waiting to see some snaps of your apartment, mother-in-law, father-in-law, and extended family. Such fun! 🙂 You looks lovely too. No doubt it’ll be hell leaving Vince again but I’m looking forward to seeing you. Plus, summers fly by, right? Love you, friend.

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