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Scavenger Hunt Sunday


Vince and I are back from our road trip across Bulgaria.

It was amazing and I am so happy that I got to see more of the country. Bulgaria’s landscapes are so diverse, rugged, and charming.

I took over 2,000 photos in just 5 days, so I had plenty to sift through for this week’s SHH.

And I am taking every opportunity I can to get some of the photos I took up on my blog. Be prepared for lots more in the coming days!

Hope you enjoy!

1) Vintage

Picking a photo for this prompt was tough! As we toured so many villages, museums, and old houses on our journey, I have loads of photos of really interesting old things. I ultimately chose this little cradle–which was in one of the house museums we toured–as I thought it was just so sweet.

2) Word or Quote

I have a thing for street art and graffiti (if it has some sort of artistic value), so I instantly thought of this photo for the prompt. There is just something about these bright colors against the gray of the Black Sea and the pale sky that catches the eye. Sure, most of the word itself is worn away and it’s probably written in Bulgarian anyway, but it’s a word nonetheless!

Also linking up this photo on Finagle a Foto #5: Green (There’s not a whole lot of green, but the green in the photo sure does pop!)

3) Nature’s Own

This prompt could have gone a lot of ways. I took plenty of photos of plants and animals along our journey, but since it’s still winter, there wasn’t much in the way of bright flowers. I found this ivy growing on an ancient wall in Koprivshtitsa and I loved the way the sun was reflecting off of the glossy leaves.

4) People

A couple walking hand in hand along the beaches of Burgas.

5) Photographer’s Choice

Also linking up this photo (above) for Your Sunday Best.

The Nativity Memorial Church, part of the Shipka Monastery, is a stunningly beautiful building both inside and out. Had to include two shots for this prompt to do it justice!


Happy SHH!

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20 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday

  1. You are so right, I think the contrast between the sea and the green paint makes for a stunning picture

  2. Love that street art, so colorful! Please forgive me my tardiness in visiting your entry in ‘Weekly Top Shot,’ I have been rather under the weather the past few days, although still working. I’m so glad you decided to join us and share at ‘Weekly Top Shot.’ 🙂 I hope you’ll come share again next week…

  3. Oh wow, the church is so beautiful!

  4. LOVE your green shot! SO glad you joined the Finagle challenge 🙂

  5. What a magnificent-looking church – inside and outside!

  6. You provide a wonderful insight into life in Bulgaria (I’ve spent many minutes looking through your older posts…) That cradle is precious and the church is beyond anything I have seen in North America!

  7. Love people – very sweet.

  8. Sweet shots. Love the couple walking on the beach.

  9. I agree with you about the graffiti – it does pop really well against the gray tones around it. And the church – wow! Gorgeous! Reminds me of some of the orthodox churches in Ukraine.

  10. WOW- that last one is just stunning!

  11. I love your photos from Bulgaria : that church, beach , vintage and ivy and graffities are cool too !

    Have a nice week 🙂

  12. The photos of the church are great.

    Regards and best wishes

  13. Very nice set. Really love your photographer’s choice!

  14. The photo of the church made my heart sing — so happy you found me and vice versa!

  15. All beautiful shots, love the simple pop of green on the leaves! Wow, the Nativity Memorial Church is beyond stunning! Happy Sunday!

    Thanks SO much for linking up w/ us for Finagle a Foto!!

  16. Beautiful photos. The church is amazing!

  17. Love your people photo – so peaceful.

  18. I love your photos! I am really loving that church, it’s beautiful!

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