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Randomly Me Monday: Volume Five


It’s been far too long since I posted on this series. But I am picking it back up and carrying on with my “confessions” of sorts. Just a small glimpse into who I am!

Previous Volumes: 1, 2, 3, 4

  1. I am a bit addicted to TV infomercials. Ronco, Sham Wow, Magic Bullet, Shark steam cleaner… You name it, I’ve watched (and enjoyed) it. Funny story: I was in Jr. High and I saw the infomercial for the “Part Pizazz.” It’s basically a kit that comes with some stencils to make creative parts in your hair. There were a couple zig zag, wavy, triangles, and square stencils. The kit also came with this weird tool that created the actual parts. I opened up a Visa Buxx account (like a prepaid debit card for teens) solely so I could buy the Part Pizazz online. I think I tried it out once when I got it, but never touched it again (thankfully!).
  2. On that note, I also really love watching home shopping channels. My favorite are the jewelry ones from the south (JTV). The women have big hair, big accents, and like them some giant jewels. HSN and QVC are ok, but I much prefer the all jewelry ones over them. I am an jewelry junky.
  3. I have started many different collections over the years (my rock collection was pretty good) but the few that have stuck are: stretch pennies/coins (I have 30 or so), Peter Pan things (I love vintage, but Disney stuff is ok too), pins (I get one on nearly all my travels), jewelry and scarves.
  4. I was in a pretty scary car accident the night of my High school graduation. My friend was driving (in her adorable VW Bug, which was totalled) and we were on our way to meet up with a bunch of other friends to go bowling. Long story short, being hit in the face with an airbag is no bueno. I also got some gnarly seat belt burns on my neck which can seen in all of my Europe photos as I left for my trip about a week after the accident. Thankfully, both of us were fine!
  5. One of my many guilty pleasures is mind-numbing reality TV. I’ve been known to spend hours watching the Kardashians, Real Housewives, or Jersey Shore (granted this was just ONE night watching a bunch of these–couldn’t stand the drunken guidos) marathons. I don’t have cable at home anymore or much extra time, so these sessions have all but stopped.
  6. I love the outdoors, but I am not a huge fan of camping. I like the idea of it just not the actual act. Give me a trailer (preferably a cute, vintage Airstream) and I would be dandy. I HATE sleeping on the ground!
  7. When I get laughing it is hard for me to stop. I have those awkward times when It is entirely inappropriate to be laughing, which makes me laugh even harder. And I have even peed my pants a few times from laughing so hard. TMI? Oh, and I have been told that I have an “evil” laugh, even by strangers.Awesome.
  8. The movie E.T. completely freaks me out. It’s basically a horror movie, in my opinion. Aliens scare me in general, but something about that movie does not sit well with me. Yes, it’s cute and heartwarming, blah blah blah. But it takes a lot for me to sit through the entire thing.
  9. I was in Girl Scouts all the way from Brownies to Juniors (from about 6-13 years old). Some of my best childhood memories involve group camping trips, crafts, and our trip to Disneyland. Troop 550, yo!
  10. I have been collecting baby clothes for years and have a hope chest full of them. Now I just need some babies to go along with them! (hint hint, hubby)

15 thoughts on “Randomly Me Monday: Volume Five

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  8. #8 made me laugh so much! I think I’ve only seen ET all the way through once, since it creeped me out so profoundly as a child. Everything scared me, especially aliens, and somehow my parents thought it was cool to pop that one in. The now extinct Universal Studios theme park ride, however, was badass.

    • Glad to know I am not the only one that just about wets myself over that movie! I went on the ride at Universal when I was 12 or so, and it didn’t freak me out as much as the movie. But maybe that was because I was an idiot and set my purse (which for a 12 year old, probably had a chapstick and some stickers or something!) on the floor of the “bike.” I was preoccupied the whole time with the fact that it was going to fall off into the oblivion below!

  9. I also bought that Hairigami thingy. I was so disappointed that it didn’t work! I still have it, but never really used it. Those cheap plastic pieces are terrible. I couldn’t even get the Part Pizazz to work right.

  10. That trailer is amazing! I could do with one of those in my back yard. Thanks for linking up with Twinkle in the Eye 🙂

  11. #4 was a time of bad memories for me as well. Imagine calling and calling a friend because they haven’t shown up. I was out of my mind with worry. Then, finally your mom answers the phone starting with: “the girls are both okay.” Freaked out! Also, #8 – I’m still terrified of that movie!

  12. God, I used to think zigzag partings were the coolest thing ever. Thankfully they take too long to do so it did not become a full-time thing.

  13. So, I’ve been known to watch a few infomercials in my day. David though, your favorite cousin? He will sit and watch them for 4 hours at a time on Saturdays.

    I totally remember the harigami. 🙂

    I agree that you need a baby to go with the clothes. Just sayin’. 🙂

  14. Keep going with the confessions….so entertaining to read…:)))

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