Girl Meets Bulgaria

Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)

It’s Going to be a Sleepy Saturday!


What I’m doing at 4:20 am:

  • Working (typing up SEO articles)
  • Watching/listening to Lost (in between working)–I started from the pilot and I am going to try and watch the entire series. It used to be one of my favorites, but I stopped watching after season 3 or so and was completely “lost” after that!
  • Catching up on blogs in my Google Reader
  • Blogging…obviously.

What I should be doing at 4:20 am:

  • Getting my beauty sleep!

I am a total night owl, but staying up late inevitably means sleeping until an ungodly hour in the afternoon. I wish I didn’t need so much sleep! (Who am I kidding? I LOVE sleeping!)

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend. I have a couple of fun posts coming up this week. Hope you stay tuned!




3 thoughts on “It’s Going to be a Sleepy Saturday!

  1. Here in Bulgaria if I am not sleeping at night I am watching Ellen on youtube.

  2. I WISH it was going to be a sleepy Saturday…but, darn, I have to take two finals today and work for a bunch of hours. Lame-o. 🙂

  3. I love sleeping too! I absolutely love Lost, it’s one of my all time favorite shows! I watched all the seasons a few years back and been thinking about watching them again. When it still came on TV, I watched the first season but got so ‘lost’ after that so I lost my interest. I’m so glad I watched the whole series though!

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