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Sh*t My Bulgarian Husband Says


This is my {adorable} husband, Ventsi:

My hubby, looking like a giant at one of the house museums in Koprivshtitsa.

In case you are new around these parts, I should start with the fact that he is Bulgarian. And while his English is great, he sometimes tosses a few words into daily conversations that just aren’t quite right.

Much to my delight! 🙂

Just one of the many benefits of being married to a foreigner is getting to enjoy the hilarious things that come out of their mouth. Now, by no means am I making fun of my sweet husband.

OK… Maybe a little. But he usually laughs along with me when I point out/question something that he has said. Plus, I am sure he will poke fun at me when I actually start to speak some Bulgarian. I figure it’s fair game.

I am really kicking myself for not keeping a better list of some of the doozies he’s come up with in the nearly 4 years we have been together. Every time he said something that left me in giggles or simply in a bit of shock, I always said “I should write that down.” Unfortunately, I never did.

Until a few months ago…

Ladies and Gents, I present to you: A Bit of Vince’s Vocab.


“I don’t like that shampoo. It gives me dandrain.” (dandruff)

“You are so spicy today.” (spacy)

“I love cheese!” (after a computer game of chess)

• To me while I was spying innocently people watching out our living room window, “Why are you being so noisy?” (nosy)

• His bestie from Sofia called him and I asked what he had to say. Vince replied, “He just wanted to hear my voice.” (HA! HA!)

“You should wear the neckle that my parents gave you.” (necklace)

“Did you pack your toilet treats?” (toiletries)

and my personal favorite…

• I was telling him about a nose bleed I had had and he said, “Oh, you mean a nose period?”


I expect there to be more in this series in the future (that is unless my hubby stops talking to me because he knows his flubs may very well end up on this here blog!).


P.S. L♥ve you, hunky! Thanks for being a good sport.


9 thoughts on “Sh*t My Bulgarian Husband Says

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  2. Thats too cute! My mother is foreign and she slips and says the funniest things as well. Love it !!

    Check out my blog,

  3. Ha ha. This is brilliant. It sort of reminds me of how when someone rudely hangs up the phone after I’ve picked it up, one says that the caller didn’t like the sound of my voice. ;P

  4. You two are lovely, and funny to boot! It’s great reading you 🙂

  5. Just because I’m not a native English-speaker and I’m curious: what’s wrong with number 5? We Hungarians also use this expression, if we call somebody without any purpose. It means something like “I call you because I like you and I’m interested in how you’re doing”. I think it is more of a cultural difference than a grammatic mistake. But maybe it sounds funny in English? I guess I also use some weird expressions in my everyday English conversations and it is good to learn about it 🙂

    • Yes, I think it’s more of a cultural thing. Not a grammatical issue as much as just an odd sounding phrase. That phrase, at least in my experience, is not used when one male friends calls another. When it is said here in the states, It’s more for maybe a parent to their kids or a romantic couple (yes, I know males can be couples too, but in this case they aren’t). When he said that to me it just sounded very funny that he would say that about a male friend calling him. Languages are like that. I am sure there are things that are said in English that sound off in other languages!

      • I see. Thanks for the explanation! I was desperately looking for some grammar issues or misspelling in that sentence and was puzzled, because I didn’t find anything 🙂

  6. Toilet Treats. Love it 🙂 The only fair way to do this is you keep record of all the mess ups you make too! Don’t hold out on us 🙂

    • Oh, I am pretty sure he will! The little that I have attempted Bulgarian, I have made some funny little mistakes. Luckily, we are both the type to laugh our way through life, so we don’t take offense when the other has a bit of a giggle at the others expense. We always end these moments with a lesson in what was wrong and how to correct it. But truth be told, I love his way of saying things and part of me hopes he never changes!

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