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Eating Our Way Across Bulgaria


On our recent road trip, my husband and I made it a point to experience {devour} some of the culinary delights Bulgaria has to offer.

Trying new foods is one of the best parts of traveling; and while I love Smolyan, it certainly isn’t the gourmet capital of Bulgaria. So I was eagerly anticipating the foods we would eat while we were away.

Luckily, we were not disappointed!

A few of the highlights:

• Fig ice cream in Hisarya. Probably the best ice cream I have ever had.

• Zagorka Reserve (our newest favorite beer), tiramisu, and milk chocolate covered waffle at Ego Pizza and Grill in Veliko Tarnovo. The waffle was to.die.for! It’s hard to beat a homemade waffle, a huge amount of melted milk chocolate, bananas, chocolate syrup, and ice cream!

• Some hot drinks and “apple pie” in Sozopol. The drinks were great, the Bulgarian version of apple pie not so much.

Taking pictures in restaurants, nice ones in particular, always makes me a bit uncomfortable. So unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of the amazing risotto we ate while out to dinner with our friend in Burgas. That same night we also tried shark for the first time. It was okay, but not something I would ever order myself.

While I didn’t get photos of the food, I did get one of the live entertainment, which we had to pay an extra 3 Lv for, by the way:

A Bulgarian Elvis impersonator! He was pretty awful, in a charming sort of way, but such a weird match for how nice the restaurant was.


I think one of the first things I will do when I get back to Bulgaria is hit up Hisarya for some fig ice cream, Veliko Tarnovo for a chocolate covered waffle, and Burgas for some creamy risotto. Another road trip is definitely in order.


5 thoughts on “Eating Our Way Across Bulgaria

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  3. That waffle looks like the best thing ever! I agree, food is one of the highlights of travel. And boy do I like to eat it!

  4. I love food, but I am not so great in trying new things. (not very adventurous) Chocolate covered waffle looks super sinful!

  5. i love trying new foods

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