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A Quick Trip to Nevada


My mom and I just got home from what was probably our fastest trip to see my grandparents on record.

About 2 weeks ago, my Grandma had a mastectomy. She was diagnosed with breast cancer while I was in Bulgaria, and it sucked a bit not being home when that happened.

I am really glad I got to see her before setting off on another adventure.

We drove down with my Grandma’s sister early yesterday morning. The drive from Salt Lake City to Logandale (the small town between Mesquite and Las Vegas where they live) took about 6 hours. I slept pretty much the entire time there and back. My inability to keep my eyes open on long car rides continues.

We spent the day yesterday cleaning the house. My Grandma isn’t able to do much and my Grandpa’s eyesight is failing, so there was quite a bit that needed to be done.

After the marathon cleaning session, my mom and Great aunt cooked a yummy dinner and made sure to leave plenty of food so that my Grandparentals have stuff to eat for another week or two.

It just plain sucks getting to the age where your grandparent’s health is starting to fail. I consider myself lucky as I have grown up with all 4 of my grandparents (I even knew most of my great-grandparents), and only recently did I think about losing them.

It’s a bummer, but an inevitable part of life.

Anywho, I guess my reason for writing this post (other than to keep putting off packing and cleaning) was to share a few photos I snapped on a quick walk around my grandparent’s property. The horrible pic quality of my old point-and-shoot Canon makes me miss my fancy Nikon even more.

**Just a few more weeks!**

(Trying out WordPress’ slideshow photo view for the first time. What do you think? Is this way better than posting all the photos individually?)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The weather this time of year in Nevada is perfect. However, in a month or so it will be downright sizzling. The summers there are like being in an oven.


Off to my {3rd} “going away dinner” with my family in a few hours. I don’t like to think about the fact that I won’t be seeing any of them for almost 5 months.

It’s takeout Chinese tonight, however, so that brightens my mood!



4 thoughts on “A Quick Trip to Nevada

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  2. The slideshow was nice! Its a good way to see the photos. However, the captions are hard to read, so maybe put them in a different font or color.

  3. I am so glad that you were able to see your grandparents before you went to Alaska, yet again. Even though you had your Canon, I still thought your pictures turned out really good.. Maybe those are your skills..

  4. Personally I prefer the photos in the post than as a slideshow. Moving things distract my eye, plus I’m sure they slow down my not brilliant connection as they are constantly loading rather than just once, but I could be wrong there. But that’s maybe just me.

    It’s tough when people you care about are sick and you can’t do as much for them as you want to 😦 but at least you have visited and helped 🙂 I expect they love hearing all about your travels, like we do!

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