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Travel Tales: Scotland


Since I’ve already been spewing forth so much Scotland-fan girl stuff lately, I thought I would just push it into the obscene and do a Travel Tales post on my visit in 2004.

The far too adorable, Scottish Highland cow (pronounced, Heeland-coo)

Can you tell I am dreaming about a return trip?

Scotland was one of the stops on my UK/France high school graduation trip.

It was also {by far} my favorite.

Gretna Green is where the term “Shotgun wedding” originated.

Everything I had envisioned Ireland to be, Scotland was. Ireland–while beautiful–was overdeveloped, crowded, and just a bit too much, if you know what I mean.

Scotland, on the other hand, with its lush, rolling, green hills; charming and welcoming people, fascinating history, misty weather, and sexy-as-hell accent, quickly made it the love of my life.

View of countryside and area of the William Wallace Monument as seen from Stirling Castle

Some of the locals on Loch Lomond

Scotland: Land where studly fireman rescue birds from trees.

Scotland is a living, breathing stereotype.

Yes. The guys walk around in kilts (ok, maybe notallthe time, but still…)

Yes. Red hair is extremely common (I fit right in!)

Yes. Haggis is on the menu.

Yes. The whiskey is good, and the distilleries abundant.

Yes. They have a BIG thing for William Wallace.

And yes. It’s so gorgeous that you could just puke.

But really, Scotland is so much more than these things.

It’s remote, unspoiled, welcoming, its people fiercely proud of their heritage, and unlike anywhere else I have ever been.

Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness

Whiskey tasting

Edinburgh Castle

If you haven’t been, go!

I, for one, plan on getting back as soon as I can! It’s high time my husband meets my first love!



8 thoughts on “Travel Tales: Scotland

  1. I have always wanted to go to Scotland but never done it, I think this has given me the extra kick I needed to make it happen. Thanks!

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  3. I want to go so bad!!!! Let’s go!!!

  4. Scotland looks so gorgeous! I have a lot of family there, but haven’t been yet! Your photos are lovely 🙂

  5. I love Scotland – it was home to many childhood holidays. I especially love Edinburgh i’d return and live there any day. Such a gorgeous gorgeous county.

  6. My grandfather is scottish, and i have many family members there but have never been. I would love to though! It looks like a lovely place and having family means having places to stay!

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