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Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Summer Softball


There’s one thing you should know about seasonal employees in Denali…

We take our softball really seriously.

The first game for Princess (vs. Prospectors/Salmon Bake/49th) was last night.

We won.

Someone may or may not have passed out (not me).

That’s just how we roll.


Happy Wednesday, ya’ll!

See you back here next week for more Wordless (well, maybe a few words) fun!


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3 thoughts on “Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Summer Softball

  1. Oh man, this reminds me of my first summer in Skagway- I played on a team. So much fun, and I typically hate playing sports!

  2. I love Softball! So fun. I can only imagine I would have been one of the people that took it very seriously…lol. Bryan and I were on an ultimate Frisbee team (until Friday when we lost in the quarterfinals, thus ending our season), and everybody about KILLED each other out there! It was so fun! ha ha.

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