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Happy Summer Solstice…err, a day late!


I’m a horrible Alaskan (I have an Alaskan driver’s license, so I consider myself a local–clearly undeservedly so!) and thought the Summer Solstice was today. Um, yeah. It was yesterday, June 20th.

Perhaps it was the fog I was in from the previous night’s events, but suffice it to say I noticed more of my pillow and bed than I did the amount of daylight outside.

Side Note: Just because a drink is blue, frozen, and comes with a cherry on top does not mean it is for the faint of heart!

Side Note, Part 2: I am beginning to think Mother Nature is playing a dirty trick on me. The weather has been gorgeous for days, but yesterday–my day off–it poured. Today it’s back to sunny skies and warm temps. Ugh.

The Summer Solstice is a big event in Alaska. With nearly 22 hours of daylight here in the interior, it’s a fun time of year. From here on out the daylight will get shorter and shorter, but for now the sun never really sets.

At night, it gets what I like to call “twilight-y.”

For instance, it’s nearly midnight as I write this and this is what the sky looks like from my window:

I can’t sleep with any light in my room, so it’s been fun arranging my blackout curtains so that not even a sliver of light leaks through.

Alaska is referred to as The Land of the Midnight Sun. It’s clear why…

Anywho. Happy late Solstice!

Hope the summer is treating you well, wherever you happen to find yourself.



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2 thoughts on “Happy Summer Solstice…err, a day late!

  1. Wow!!! That looks amazing. I’m like you, I like to sleep in total darkness, but that sounds like it would be cool to experience for a time.

  2. Whitney, stunning pictures!!

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