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Wild Denali


On my recent trip into Denali National Park, I saw some incredible wildlife.

And of course I had to share it here!

My trip began with a flight over the park, around Mt. McKinley, to Kantishna. From there it was a 5 hour bus ride back to the park entrance.

Along the way we were were lucky enough to spot some of the parks most famous inhabitants.

A mother Grizzly with two cubs, waaaay far away.

I spy a Dall sheep

wandering caribou

In all, we saw about 12 grizzly bears (including 4 cubs), a handful of caribou, many birds, and about 20 Dall sheep.

Most amazingly, the bus actually came up on an entire group of male Dall sheep in the middle of the road. Usually the sheep are nothing more than tiny snow-white dots on the highest cliffs. However, our driver told us there are times when they come down in groups to the lower elevations.

The group stood, and a few even laid down, in the road in front of the bus for a good 10 minutes. Eventually, they meandered past the bus and down the road. It was truly one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had in the park.

It was an incredible day that I will remember always.

Here’s to many more ahead.



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44 thoughts on “Wild Denali

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  4. Amazing. Lovely landscapes and the sheep are beautiful. Love these shots!

  5. Alaska is my home… nice to see pics of Denali! You have captured them so beautifully!

  6. Terrific Pics of the Dall Rams

  7. Truly amazing photos. They are such beautiful creatures and you’ve done them justice with your shots 🙂

  8. Looks great! I would love to visit Alaska one day!

  9. beautiful (found you in the freshly pressed, now following) 🙂

  10. Beautiful pictures of the Dall Sheep! I have just also visited Denali last month. What an awesome trip!

  11. A rather rugged looking species of sheep! Look more like goats, and i guess a hardy lot looking at those rough screedy mountains!

  12. Gorgeous pics! Congrats on the FP! I haven’t made it to Denali yet but it is high on my list as is Bulgaria! I love to hike!

  13. pics are out of thee world , a classic catch ! , Superb resolution

  14. Love your pics.
    We were on a trail once in Banff when we came across a mother Bighorn and her baby. Really neat experience. When we got back to the trail head, there was a pack of about a dozen sheep meandering through the parking lot. They had come down the trail ahead of us!

  15. Beautiful location. I am almost tempted to get there asap. Love the second picture! Congrats on being FP!

  16. Nice pix Whit!!! I hope to take some when this girl meets Bulgaria with you!!!!

  17. Congratulations on being freshly pressed. We too enjoyed our 92-day road trip to and from Alaska…in a pickup truck and with two tents. We took the 12-hour Kantishna bus ride into Denali…a “ride” we also will never forget. Care to read about our adventure…see my 2011 post, Trip of a Lifetime. Beautiful images! Thanks for sharing them.

  18. Beautiful pictures. We were in Alaska last summer but didn’t get a chance to see wild Denali (we only got as far north as Talkeetna). We can’t wait to go back!

  19. such good photos! thanks for sharing 🙂

  20. God makes gorgeous creatures. Thanks for sharing. Connie

  21. Great job!

  22. Reblogged this on Voices and Visions and commented:
    Beautiful photos of wild sheep in Alaska…

  23. I’m kind of amused and charmed that you were more amazed by a flock of sheep than a whole lot of bears. Is it a cultural perspective thing, I wonder?

    • Great comment! I should clarify… Seeing bears in Denali National Park is relatively common. I’ve seen dozens in my three summers here. It’s crazy that I have become accustomed to this! Dall sheep, however, are much harder to spot and it’s pretty rare to have such a close encounter. That is what made this experience so special. That being said, I still get a thrill seeing ALL the wildlife here, be it huge grizzly bear or Arctic squirrel!

  24. Beautiful pics! I was up in the Yukon a few years ago and these photos are making me want to do more traveling up North. Have fun!

  25. Gorgeous pictures!

  26. I love the detail of the second last one!

  27. awesome pics… i love them.. 😀

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  29. Great pics. I’ve been on this trip as well, and the bus “followed” a grizzly bear as he walked for almost half a mile ! Thanks for posting.

  30. Anguished over exploring this road on a biking trip years ago and decided against it to meet a time goal. Thank you for showing me what I missed!

  31. Great photos! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  32. I love that second pic — he really appears to be playing hide-and-seek with you! 🙂

  33. Wow! Wonderful shots of the Sheep.

  34. Some very beautiful scenes you captured well. I lived 1.5 hours from this amazing place and never made it to the park…a fact I deeply regret. Incredible views and amazing vistas, thanks for sharing.

  35. Here here! Those sheep are incredible! That’s fantastic they came so close. I also love your caribou picture. Born and raised in the asphalt jungle of Los Angeles, I’m not so much of an outdoor girl (although I’m working on it). I had no idea their antlers are so big!!!

  36. Really nice shots of Dall sheep. Denali NP is amazing.

  37. You are so so lucky to have the chance to see all this beauty!

  38. Great pics Whitney!

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