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Vince’s Vacation


Last week my husband, Vince, went on a Scandinavian cruise with his parents.

The trip was in celebration of my FIL’s 70th birthday (yep, 70! My husband was a late-in-life baby).

I picked the cruise out; dreams of viking history, pristine fjords, fresh foods, and open-minded attitudes running through my mind.

Then life happened and I came back to Alaska this summer for work.

To say that I was bummed out for not getting to go would be a massive understatement.

Add lots of jealousy to the mix, too, as the hubs and I have this {mostly} friendly competition going to see who can visit the most countries. Up until last week we were both even at 12. Seeing as most couples travel together, I figured we’d be neck-in-neck for the rest of our lives. Well, that went out the window when he visited 4 countries I haven’t yet been to: Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

Here’s their route:

My in-laws, although fairly well-traveled throughout Eastern Europe and Turkey, had never been to Northern Europe.

In fact, they had never been on a plane or a ship the size of the Grand Princess.

I was a bit worried about this but it turned out to be unfounded. They had a total blast.

I am so happy that they all got to go and that they had a good time.

I have been traveling vicariously through their photos all day.

I think my in-laws are just the cutest! Oh, and my hubs, of course! 🙂

LOVE that he is getting into taking “feet’ pics

The parentals chillaxin’ on deck

My handsome men

LOVE this picture. They look so contemplative.

Ha ha. My husband knows me too well!

So weird yet so adorable!

This one’s for you, Mom! Ventsi sure loves his golf!

Alright. That’s probably enough photos on a trip I wasn’t even on.


Vince and I are hoping to take our own belated-honeymoon/1st Anniversary cruise when I get back to Bulgaria this November. We’ll see how that goes!

P.S. For the record, I am most envious of Vince and his parent’s visit to Bruges. It’s one the top of my list of must-see destinations. Ugh. Of course my sassy-pants husband got there before me. RUDE.

P.S.S. I hope said husband does not kill me for posting all these photos without asking him. He’s much more private than I am. Thanks, Hun!


: : :

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5 thoughts on “Vince’s Vacation

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  2. Where is that Sephora? It looks incredible! . . . I spend waaaay too much time there

  3. Yup I’m jealous and he’s not even my husband. Ha ha… what a fun cruise. Say hi to Vents for us!

  4. That looks like an amazing trip. I’d be jealous, too!

  5. Whitney, I loved this post. The pictures are great, and the trip for your husband and his parents must have been simply amazing. What fun! I’m happy for them!

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