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Field Trip to Tracy Aviary


I’ve been back in Utah for just over 2 weeks now and so far it’s been a fairly productive visit. First the zoo and now the aviary; I’m on an animal kick, apparently! Now I just have to hit up the aquarium to round the visit out!

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Tracy Aviary

Earlier this week I helped chaperone a field trip to Tracy Aviary for my cousin, A., who is in the 1st grade. Luckily, I only had 3 kids with me and there was another parent in our group, so definitely manageable!

Riding on the school bus with all the excited kiddies sure took me back to my elementary field trip days.

I haven’t been to the aviary in years (I was probably a 1st grader myself), so it was pretty much an all new experience for me!

Swan? Duck? I don't remember!

I was too focused on not losing a child to a man-eating vulture or eagle (did you not know those existed?!) , so I didn’t get many pics of the birds.

I did snap a few of the flamingos and owls, two of my favorite areas of the aviary.

Flamingo friends
Owl Forest at Tracy Aviary

We wandered around the exhibits for a few hours (in between potty and drink breaks), caught a short bird show, then headed into Liberty Park–where the aviary is located–to eat our lunches. I always loved field trips because my mom would pack me an extra special lunch. I may have packed my own this time, but it was still delightful! After lunch we played in the fountains a bit and the kids rolled down the big hills.

Aw, to be a kid again!

Toucan at the bird show
Lovely in black and white

Hello, A.!

All in all it was a fun day spent with my girlie.

However, a few days later and I am now stricken with some cruddy sore throat/stuffed sinuses business. I FULLY blame it on the germ-infested children! 🙂

The weather in Salt Lake has been beautiful and warm since I got home. I’m sure hoping this trend follows me to Bulgaria!


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5 thoughts on “Field Trip to Tracy Aviary

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  2. Cool pictures! I love birds! I especially like the ones of the flamingos and the toucan.

  3. Cute! Looks like you had a blast. I can’t remember the last time I went to Tracy Aviary.. Or if I’ve ever been there.

    • We had a lot of fun. It’s been completely updated. It’s definitely a great spot to spend the afternoon hanging out and taking photos. Maybe we should take the twins some time!

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