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Another Journey, Another Packing Adventure


I moved most of my stuff to Bulgaria last December; so this time around my packing list is shorter but also a bit more specific.

(Oh, but I will still obsess over it and put off actually packing until the absolute last minute!)

I generally know now what I can and cannot find in BG. I also know what things make good gifts for my family.

There’s no reason for me to stock up on many of the things that I did last time around. I am set on Ziplocs, clothes, kitchen ware, and toiletries. Let me tell you, I am extremely thankful not to be lugging over another heavy pizza stone and Tupperware!

What things are making it into my suitcase and that dreaded 50 lb. limit? Well let’s see…

  • Another case of tampons. Sorry, BG, I’m still not into scented, non-applicator feminine products!
  • A couple of bottles of the world’s best hot sauce: Chohula. I love it. My MIL LOVES it (and used up the bottle I brought in just a few days).
  • Three (YES, 3!) vegetable peelers. I took one over in December and apparently it’s a big hit. I have requests from my in-laws, by brother-in-law, and his gf for one. Easy-peasy gifts if you ask me!
  • Instant oatmeal packets. These were a big hit too. Vince inhaled them before I could even have more than a bowl or two. I know oatmeal is available in BG, but I haven’t seen the instant packets anywhere and I find them convenient as I rarely eat breakfast and usually just go for something quick when I do.
  • Maple syrup. Yet another request from the hubs. He can’t get enough of the stuff.
  • Crochet supplies. I am in the middle of two afghans at the moment and I hope to fit all the yarn and needles in my suitcases so that I can finish them over the long winter ahead. If I had endless amounts of room and no weight limit, I’d also bring along my jewelry-making supplies, my paper crafting stuff, and supplies to make martenitsi–too bad that’s NEVER going to happen!

I think living in Sofia will make things a lot easier. There are larger grocery and department store chains there, including a Debenhams opening at the end of the month in yet another new mall, Bulgaria Mall. And there’s always good ol’ IKEA. I’m sure that we’ll be able to find everything we need.


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7 thoughts on “Another Journey, Another Packing Adventure

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  2. Yes stock up on the Tampons, hardest things to find here. Peanut Butter can be found at HIT, but it will cost you 5 lev…… It’s surprising how much you can live without when it’s not available.

    • Bought a case of 52 tampons last night! I’m only going to bring extras like peanut butter, maple syrup, and oatmeal if there is space left over in my suitcases. I am definitely find without all of that! Who needs peanut butter when you can put lyutenitsa on bread (or just eat it by the spoonful)?!

  3. Your list is so interesting! I love it how the simple things like veggie peelers and instant oatmeal are requested items. And tampons. You had me laughing out loud at that one!

  4. You can get ziplock like bags at Ikea in Sofia now. DM has maple syrup, as do other places, but it is expensive. When you get here, we should connect. Sasha (my wife) knows the good stuff America has to offer, and knows where to find acceptable substitutes. She can tell you where to go.

  5. Fortunately, you can find quite a few places that sell maple syrup in Sofia, including the drugstore chain DM. Unfortunately, maple syrup is always more expensive than in North America 😦

    • Good to know I can at least find it there! I was thinking about buying peanut butter as well, just because it is so much cheaper here. BUT, what it all comes down to is the weight limit on my luggage. Airlines…meh.

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