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It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Later


The remains of fall
Saying goodbyes are hard for me. I tend to shut down and just rush through them to get it all over with. Thankfully, it’s gotten easier for me over the past few years. I come and go a lot. For all of 2012, I have only been in Utah for 2 months. The rest of the year was spent in Bulgaria and Alaska.

No matter how I cut it, I am always saying goodbye to someone, whether it’s Vince and the in-laws, co-workers and friends in Alaska, or family and friends in Utah…departures are becoming way of life.

One of the hardest people to leave is my cousin, A. I’ve written about her quite a bit so you may be familiar with her already. She just turned 7 and is seriously awesome; I just adore her. I’ve spent a lot of time with her this month but it still never seems like enough. Today we spent one last afternoon hanging out and being silly before my flight on Tuesday.

The weather was nice so we played with her bubble gun in the front yard. Bubbles led, to laying on the grass (I asked her to crack my back and all was good until she decided to jump up and down. Little spaz!), taking lots of photos, and decorating our hair with daisies and lavender.
Bubbles galore
Best 'buds' :)

She even modeled for me for a quick minute.
pretty little lady
After painting her nails we headed out to dinner with the rest of the family. I hate to admit it, but I gorged myself on root beer floats, onion rings, and a big, fat patty melt. Apparently I wanted the full American experience before heading back to Europe. Dinners like this will be non-existent a few days from now. I am really looking forward to more veggies (shopska salad!) and fish. Mmm. Bulgarian food is DE-LISH!

Later on it was hugs all around. I won’t see one of my cousin’s until about 2 years from now as she will be leaving on a mission for the LDS church early next year. It totally bums me out that I won’t see her for so long, but it’s definitely for a good reason.

I’ll be back in Utah for a visit in the spring, so it really isn’t goodbye, it’s just see you later!


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6 thoughts on “It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Later

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  2. I hate goodbyes too! When it came time to leave summer camp I was always that kid bawling my eyes out because I wanted the experience to continue. And I love your photos of you and your cousin! Are you Mormon too? I guess it makes sense being from Utah and all! The town where I grew up had a LDS church and I had a few friends who were Mormon as well.

    • Aren’t goodbyes the worst?! I’m not actually Mormon. My parents were both raised in the church but they left after they got married. They always said we could be whatever we wanted and I did attend a few services when I was younger, but it’s just not for me! A lot of my extended family members are LDs, though. I don’t really believe in organized religion, but I am still strong in my beliefs.

      • I love that your parents gave you guys the freedom to feel it out and choose what you wanted to be. So many kids feel restricted by religion and completely reject it, but if you are allowed to make up your own mind about it it’s so much better! My mom was born Christian and my dad Jewish. When I was young, we did both Christmas and Channukah but neither really strongly and to my parents it just didn’t feel right. When I was 8 we checked out a synogogue, and we all felt pretty good there so my parents decided to raise us Jewish from that point on. While I did not neccessarily make that decision, I’m glad they did and love having Judaism as part of my identity.

  3. Great photos and very touching post. Thanks for sharing

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