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Up, Up and Away!

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 airplane shadow

By the time you read this I will be well on my way to Sofia, Bulgaria. EEK! HUBBY, HERE I COME!

I’m not at all comfortable with my flights this time around. I almost exclusively fly Delta when I go overseas, but their flights were outrageously expensive to Europe a few months ago when I booked. At the time I thought it would be fine to go with the flight that was the least expensive but didn’t have any massive layovers; I still spent over $1,000 for a round trip ticket. Boo.

I ended up booking an American Airlines flight that had some legs partnered with British Airways. Delta partners with Air France (which I despise), so I thought a change might be nice, even if I didn’t get to accrue any beloved Skymiles for the flights.

Oh, was I wrong–at least so far.

Trying to pick a seat on my transatlantic flight from Chicago to Heathrow has been nearly impossible. I might just come unglued if they stick me in a middle seat between: a) people with what I like to call “tree trunk legs,” who have no problem pressing themselves against perfect strangers for 8+ hours, b) screaming babies/unruly children (God bless parents who are brave enough to travel with kids, they truly are rock stars. I just like to sleep when I fly and noisy little ones make that nearly impossible.), or c) the person with the bladder the size of a squirrel’s who gets up every 5 minutes to pee.

Stick me in a window seat and I’m just dandy. I usually fall asleep before the plane has even taken off and I rarely get up to use the restroom. In all my many long haul flights, I think I have used an airplane bathroom maybe three times total. I make it a priority to drink lots of water when I fly, so I have no clue how that one works out.

One thing I am extremely grateful for is that I will be 30,000 feet in the air when the new President is elected (or re-elected, as the case may be–and I certainly hope and pray that it is). I’ve had about all the campaigning/debates/political smugness/Facebook insanity that I can handle. Coincidentally, I was in Bulgaria in January of ’09 when Obama took office. You’d think it was the 2nd coming based on how most Bulgarians I encountered reacted; they loved that man! I don’t know if that still holds true, but it will be interesting to see who won and what the reaction is when I land in Sofia on Wednesday.

While I am glad the election will soon be over, that certainly does not mean that I am not interested and deeply concerned. I don’t often discuss political views on my blog, but I will break that rule for such an important event. I wholeheartedly support President Obama and, while not all of his views/actions may be perfect (what President’s have been?), I believe he is by far the best person for the job. His repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, support for same-sex marriage, healthcare reform, and unwavering stance on women’s medical and workplace rights are just a few of the things I greatly admire and respect him for. Coming from Utah, I have to say that I am well in the minority on this opinion–too bad.

Well…I think that’s about all the rambling I have in me (how did I go from flights to politics?)! My next post will be coming to you live from our new apartment in Sofia!

I’m going to try Tweeting and/or posting updates on Facebook throughout my travels (gotta do something to maintain sanity!). So check those out if you care to follow along!

Talk to you soon,


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(photo credit: Kevin Dean)

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