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A Dinner Date at Pizza Lachoni


Pizza Lachoni

Last Friday night Vince and I decided to ditch our plans to eat at home and head out to a restaurant for the evening.

There is a pizza restaurant in our complex, Pizza Lachoni, that we’ve been wanting to try since I got here.

Before I even mention the food, I should say that this place has a few things going for it.

Number 1: it’s literally a 5-minute walk from our apartment.
Number 2: Did I mention it’s really close?!

OK. So it’s nearby, but what about the food?

It was…good.

Not fantastic. Not horrible. Definitely a solid B.

I should interject here that I am incredibly hard to please when it comes to pizza. I love the stuff. So I can be quite judgmental on things like toppings and the type of cheese a place uses. Pizza in Bulgaria is never going to be like it is back in the states. I have come to accept that fact. But my quest to find a decent slice continues!

Alrighty, back to the subject…

The restaurant itself is fairly modern and is probably the largest I have been in in Sofia. There are long wooden tables and benches for seating. They aren’t the most comfortable option, especially for couples, but they’d probably be great for larger parties.

There is a large bar and all of the servers are smartly dressed in bright green uniforms.

V. at Pizza Lachoni

Pizza Lachoni menu

Massive menu at Pizza Lachoni

The menu was HUGE. By far the largest menu I’ve seen in any Bulgarian restaurant. I think some restaurants think that large menus impress diners, but I just think it means they don’t really know what their focus is so they bombard people with every option under the sun (i.e. Cheesecake Factory). I’d much rather have a small menu of items which are expertly prepared than a huge menu of random crap that makes no sense when shoved all together.

While the menu was a behemoth, its one redeeming quality was the better-than-average English translations. Oftentimes I find the English menus in Bulgarian restaurants to be confusing and sometimes downright hilarious.

Milano pasta and Santa Maria pizza

After wading through about 15 pages of food, I finally settled on the Santa Maria pizza and Vince got the pasta Milano.

The Santa Maria pizza had a white cream sauce base, chicken, tomatoes, bell peppers, spinach, and Bulgaria’s ubiquitous “yellow cheese” (kashkaval).

slice of Santa Maria pizza

The pasta Milano featured spaghetti noodles with a cream sauce, ham, mushrooms. yellow cheese, and hazelnuts.

Milano pasta

Oh, but not just hazelnuts. WHOLE hazelnuts. It was probably the weirdest thing I have ever seen included in a pasta dish. Hazelnuts are delicious, but on pasta? And whole? Weird.

Both the pizza and pasta were really good, despite a few odd topping choices. The pizza was actually one of the better pies I’ve had in Bulgaria.

The restaurant has a brick oven, which puts it far above a lot of other pizza places I’ve been to here.

We decided to go all out and get dessert. We decided on the “pancake with chocolate mousse.”

Dessert--crepe, chocolate mousse, ice cream, nuts

Yeah. In my book, that’s a crêpe.

It was OK. Nothing spectacular. Definitely nothing like the absolutely amazing chocolate-covered waffle we had in Veliko Tarnovo.

Overall, we quite enjoyed our experience at Pizza Lachoni and will likely be eating there again.

The restaurant has take-out and delivery options and they provide a handy menu for you to take with your check.
Other locations

Per the back of their menu, in addition to their location near us in Druzhba, they have another location in Mladost and one in… Well, I can’t read Bulgarian and Vince is asleep, so if you can figure that first one out, good for you! You clearly speak far more Bulgarian that I do at this point as I can’t even read the friggin’ alphabet yet. I suck…

Sofia friends… Have you tried Pizza Lachoni? If so, what did you think? Any other pizza restaurant recommendations? 


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5 thoughts on “A Dinner Date at Pizza Lachoni

  1. We’ve gone several times. Not bad, especially considering how close and convenient it is. We really like Niagra, it’s also very close by, near the Billa and Nedelya. I really like Pizza Ugo, they have quite a few locations in Sofia. You’re going to find that so many restaurants have those massive menus, way too many options! That’s probably why I stick to shopska and fries most of the time, haha.

  2. The Santa Maria pizza looks delish!

  3. Whitney, if you want quality American pizza just order Domino’s. It’s just like in the States. I agree, you can’t always find good pizza here. The crepe looks amazing though! Enjoy your time in Turkey.

  4. They must be translating into British English rather than American English because I would totally call that a pancake and a yummy looking one at that! 🙂 Your pancakes are like oversized Scottish pancakes to us. I’ve never heard of a pizza with a creamy sauce rather than a tomato one, it looks nice though.

  5. We ate at this pizza many times :).And yes,the food is decent .Next time you should try garlic bread and the salads are also very good :). Me,my husband and a couple of friends have recently checked out a restaurant called Fratelli, address: 1164 София , ул.Якубица 13.It’s a small place,but what we liked was the service,it was excellent and the food was also good:).Unfortunately it’s not close to you. Did yo see the Russian store right next to Lachoni? There you can find some amazing sweets (ridiculously expensive) but heavenly delicious.My favorite are chocolates with dried plum and nut inside and covered with fine chocolate topping. mmm:)))

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