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12-12-12 (a day late…whoops!)


Alright, so it’s 3am now on the 13th, but I figure the rather awesome date of 12-12-12 was just too important to go unrecognized.

Important how? Well, I guess because it’s a so called “last of our lifetime” date.

I would have to live to be 116 years old to see it a date like like this again. Yowza!

(Side note: the world’s oldest woman, an American, just died a few days ago at the age of 116. So I suppose it’s actually possible!)

So on this date (or rather a teensy bit after) I figured I would list 12 {completely} random observations I have had since arriving back in Bulgaria and moving into our apartment in Sofia (many of which will feature in their own dedicated posts in the future, I am sure).

Here we go…

  1. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use our European-style washer and oven. The dials and buttons are pure gibberish and merely jabbing a few and hoping for the best has led to some near catastrophes.
  2. I missed wearing slippers all day, everyday (in the house, of course). It’s been great practically living in them again.
  3. No microwave? What? Turns out I barely miss it.
  4. Oh lyutenitsa…how did I manage to survive without you for so many months? How do American not know about you yet? What is wrong with the world?!
  5. Internet in BG sucks and you throw many little girl tantrums, but then you get it fixed and have wireless again and it’s SO MUCH FASTER than what the rest of you American saps live with. <insert evil laugh here>
  6. Can watching too many episodes of Dexter in a row increase one’s chances of becoming a serial killer?
  7. Bulgarian pizza still {mostly} stinks. But oh! We tried Domino’s tonight and it was almost like pizza at home! Huzzah! (note: I would NEVER eat Domino’s in America. Blech.)
  8. It’s about damn time I learned some Bulgarian.
  9. Can my apartment neighbors see me strutting (not really, more like making a mad dash from the bathroom to our bedroom post-shower) around naked through our sheer curtains? Eff. I sure hope nope–for all our sakes!
  10. I need to take immediate steps to: leave the apartment more, eat less delicious Bulgarian bread, start exercising, and put up vacation blog posts.
  11. MY MOM! VIENNA! ONE WEEK! ahhhhhhhh! 🙂
  12. My husband is a turd sometimes but he’s sweet, charming, and adorable all the time.
  13. (Eh. One more can’t hurt as it’s really 12-13) It’s great to be home.

Hope you all had a great twelve twelve twelve!

Next up: end of the world. 12-21-12. 😉


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8 thoughts on “12-12-12 (a day late…whoops!)

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  2. I enjoy visiting and seeing the beautiful pics you take. Have a fun Christmas in Bulgaria with your new family and your mom!

  3. In order to leave the apartment more, I would rather suggest meeting new people ( understand me in this case) 🙂 It’s about time I think we to get to know each other on person.:)

  4. Whitney,

    1. Oven – 180 – 200 good temperature to cook and look for the setting with the wavy line and fan in the middle (cooks both top and bottom). Washer – 40 degree is for color and 60 degree for whites. I use the baby soap because it’s softer on the clothes
    2. Sorry about the internet, we use Mtel and it’s pretty good (at least for my husband who working all day)
    3. Bulgarian will come slowly with a few words at a time, if I finally find a teacher I’ll let you know how it goes
    4. Pizza – keep searching, I’m very picky too and I’ve found a few good places. Plovdiv has the best, I believe. Try making pizza with philo dough, I think it’s pretty good and different.

    • Thanks for the tips, Kellie! I actually just put something in the oven and I’m giving the two straight lines with the fan a try (ours doesn’t have a squiggly line and a fan, hmm.). One day I put something in and let it go for a few hours only to find out that it was just the light I had turned on. These European ovens are crazy! Oh, and the washer? I practically break it every time I use it because I just hit random buttons.

  5. Love the photography. I just tried to pin a photograph of yours and it wouldn’t post. I’ll stop back later. I really do love your pictures!

    • Thank you! I actually just tried it myself on a few pics and it did say they were not able to be pinned. What the?! All of the pics I did for my Wordless Wednesday (European alleyways) worked though.

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