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Oh, The Things People Google


Already technically posted for today but I thought I’d live on the edge and put up another incredibly random post.

Us bloggers know a few things to be true:

  • Some people leave rude/crude/crazy comments
  • Sometimes our tone and meaning is completely misconstrued and people feel personally wounded/slighted and freak out
  • When you are inspired to post and have plenty of material you never seem to have the time; however, when you have plenty of time you have no inspiration and can’t come up with any material.
  • There will always be a better blogger out there. Relax.
  • People search for the weirdest stuff and somehow end up on your blog, which totally creeps you out some of the time.

A few examples from the past few months:

  • pick up girls on road in Bulgaria
  • paper marriage with Bulgarian girl
  • Bulgarian girls everything do for money
  • i wish i’d never moved to Bulgaria
  • i am looking for Bulgarian husband
  • Bulgarian feet girls
  • picking up young hookers in sofia, bulgaria
  • call girls Bulgaria
  • fat police girl

Yeah. What? Feet girls?

I am clearly somewhat regretting putting both “girl” and “Bulgaria” in my blog title.

Thankfully, from going through my statistics, it looks as if the vast majority of creepy men people who search weird things and end up here almost immediately leave my site.

What are some of the weirdest search terms people have entered to end up on your blog?


P.S. Yesterday, a commenter accused me of stealing my ‘European alleyway’ photos. Um. Huh? All I could do was laugh and trash the comment. I mean really? They are watermarked, copyrighted with a comment embedded into the EXIF data through my camera, posted on my Flickr, etc. I don’t know what else I could possibly do to prove I took them. Ugh. Some people!

: : :

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10 thoughts on “Oh, The Things People Google

  1. And the most unfortunate comment I’ve ever gotten was from someone who clearly didn’t read/understand my blog and thought they were directly contacting someone I had namedropped in the post, leaving me with a host of their personal information and pleading for some sort of professional networking/advice.

  2. Mine are not nearly so creepy (yay!) but I have gotten:
    “school clothes for texas kids”
    “french college girls in classroom”
    “kitchen window placement”
    and “pakistanis” ???

  3. How do you do that? “They are watermarked, copyrighted with a comment embedded into the EXIF data through my camera, posted on my Flickr, etc.”

    I came by via your post on visiting Vatican City after watching a special on History channel today!

  4. It’s always hilarious and weird to see what crazy search terms lead people to your site! I don’t have any really creepy ones, but I have some really random ones such as “hipster hiker vs. real hiker”, “the steel bottle of alcohol drank by rich persons” (um, that would be a flask, I believe), “chaka khan taking stick resort right up”, “grey kangaroos fucking”, and “birthright taglit stole my boyfriend”. Interesting. I also have a lot of stalkerish search terms regarding Jack White and his ex-wife, Karen Elson. Probably the only one that would be considered creepy is “kelsey waitress at hotel palomar san fran”. Kelsey is a very nice bartender in the bar at the Hotel Palomar that I mentioned in a post and I hope she doesn’t have a weird stalker!

    And those alleyway pictures, there is no way you took them. Those look way too professional for a wee girl in Bulgaria! 😉

    • Dang, Mo! Your comments are WAY more awesome (weird?) than mine. The bulk of mine truly are gross men looking for Bulgarian wives or call girls. Ick. I wouldn’t mind them if they were like yours; I myself have often wondered about the differences between a hipster hiker and a regular hiker.

  5. Just checked and I suppose the oddest are cat tail moustache and crochet jellyfish, but I actually did write blog posts about those… and looking further back, another odd one is nostril preference, again something I did write about… Just come across melted cheese phobia – I never wrote about that! I pity whoever has that, imagine, no pizza! Also, stop stealing my banana?! I don’t think my blog can have helped that one. Somehow I seem to have avoided any dodgy ones! In fact I’m quite pleased that quite a few of them probably even found what I had posted helpful.

  6. I never check mine, but just did out of curiosity, most are actually pretty related to my content however….I did see the terms “strap across my bum”, “the big red toilet”, and my favorite: “hoo hoo definition”. TOO FUNNY!

  7. Hahaha I love reading about what weird search terms people use. I got ‘Amish children drugs’ once because of a post about a mix of Carnival costumes, but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t what they were looking for.

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