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Scenes from Vienna’s Naschmarkt


Whew! Another holiday season has come and gone. I’m happy to be home in Sofia and back to day-to-day life; which includes sharing my adventures and experiences with you all!

I hope your holidays were wonderful and you were able to celebrate with those you love most.

Vince and I were so happy to have my mom come from Utah to visit us here in Bulgaria. She is officially our first visitor from the states and definitely not our last (a friend is actually coming in just a few weeks!). We kicked off her visit by spending 3 jam-packed days in Vienna to get into the Christmas spirit. It’s a lovely city and we had a great time wandering the Christmas Markets, window shopping, eating good food, and exploring such an iconic European destination so rich in history and culture.

And Christmas is definitely the perfect time to visit. The city practically oozes festive charm.

Right across from our hostel in the 6th District was an open-air market called the Naschmarkt.

Naschmarkt, ViennaVintage glass ornaments and drawer pullsChristmas centerpieces

The large market was filled to the brim with food and drink carts, tables of antiques, gifts, flowers, clothing, and Christmas goodies. We had to wander through multiple times as it was set up right next to the metro station closest to where we were staying. It was all I could do to not go home with dozens of vintage trinkets and Christmas decorations. Alas, we were on a budget and I was too overwhelmed by the vast selection anyway.

Christmas trees for saleApples at the marketCheeses galoreGluhwein and other hot drinks

My mom did buy a gift for my aunt and it was a great find. (I don’t want to say what it was in case she reads this post and hasn’t gotten it yet). She also bought a big tub of different kinds of olives for us to snack on. My favorite were the large green ones stuffed with whole cloves of garlic. Mmm! Although we didn’t buy much, it was still great fun to wander through the many stalls. The Christmas tree lot nearby only added to the experience!

Sweet treatsJust one of the many tables of antiquesCold ViennaLovely vintage find

I really enjoy markets such as the Naschmarkt and it was a delight to stumble upon one so close to where we were staying. I could have spent the entire day sorting through vintage finds and snacking on treats, but we had too much to see and do during our short stay. If you are ever in Vienna, check out this market; you won’t be disappointed!

More Vienna (along with holiday and Med. cruise) posts coming soon!

For more pictures, head over to my Flickr photostream.


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11 thoughts on “Scenes from Vienna’s Naschmarkt

  1. Already it looks like you enjoyed your time in Vienna. I would have died over those ornaments and vases.

    • It really was a fun trip! The market was awesome. I honestly could have skipped some other stuff we did and just hung out there, although, there were some shady characters about!

  2. Lovely! I was a bit overwhelmed by Vienna when I was there. It stuck me as a bit large and austere, but we were couchsurfing on the outskirts of town and didn’t visit this market.

    • Other than some residents who weren’t the friendliest (my mom said she experienced the same thing in Germany), I really liked the city. But it definitely was large and not exactly what I imagined. I would love to go back in summer to compare my experiences. And I MUST start couchsurfing! It’s just a bit out of my comfort zone, but that’s exactly why I want to do it!

      • Couchsurfing is amazing. You meet great people, get the insider track on new places, and get to stay for free. I have never had a bad couchsurfing experience (although once I accidentally sleepwalked into our host’s room, but obviously that was completely on me!)
        I highly recommend it. Do it with Vince if you feel uncomfortable! No one is going to turn down the chance to have an awesome couple like you guys stay with them!

      • Alright. You have sold me! I have actually had on account on the site ( for years, but never got up the courage to use it. I think I would be more comfortable hosting before staying somewhere. I definitely want to do it someday, though! Thanks for the compliment, you are always the sweetest! Oh, and if you are ever in Bulgaria, you have a place to stay!

      • Thanks! I’m planning a trip for next year that may take me there. . .

  3. Wow, what a fun place to be at Christmas time! It looks absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Vienna at Christmas is magical! I loved those open markets.

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