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Two Thumbs Up for Vienna’s U-Bahn (Metro)

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The S-Bahn into Vienna city center (Wien Mitte)

Vienn’s metro system, known as the U-Bahn, is awesome. So much so that I felt the need to write a post on it!

I’ve used public transportation in quite a few cities, but Vienna’s takes the cake. Or should I say, Sacher Torte!

The U-Bahn lines (of which there are 5) and stations are clean (some -ish), conveniently located, and easily connected to S-Bahn and tram lines. These connections made it easy to get to and from the {amazingly modern} airport as well as to more remote areas of the city.

Tram sign

There are no machines to stick tickets into for every trip or gates to pass through. After the ticket is validated, riders can simply get on and off trains as they please. The same is true for the tram lines (which are also included on the multi-day passes). We were never asked to show our tickets or provide proof of payment. That being said, I understand that the fines for not being able to show proper payment result in steep fines.

Mom...deep in thoughtThe hubs and I on the U-Bahn

We bought 48-hour passes, although we should have gotten 72-hours, for about € 12 each. Seeing as one-way journeys are € 2 each and using public transportation is nearly required to see different areas of the city, I think it’s a fantastic deal.


One thing to note are the awesomely-German station names along the U-Bahn lines. It took a day or so to get used to them, but by day three we were practically pros at both pronouncing them–which we did with much delight and gusto–and going from station to station. Our hostel was located near Kettenbrückengasse and other favorites include Margaretengürel, Schlachthausgasse, and Rathaus. For those who are familiar with German, these surely aren’t as amusing as they are to people like me who don’t know their Spittelau from their Hütteldorf.


Other than having a hell of a time getting a train back to the airport on Christmas Eve, we thoroughly enjoyed the city’s metro lines and trams and got great use out of them.

Basically what I’m telling you is that the metro is Vienna is the shiz and if you ever find yourself there and for some insane reason don’t use it, you are missing out!


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One thought on “Two Thumbs Up for Vienna’s U-Bahn (Metro)

  1. I love it when public transportation is that good that you have to write a blog post about it! That is a steal of a deal too.

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