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Tilt Shift Love Affair


I love many different types of photography, but there’s just something about the tilt shift effect that fascinates me. I’ve talked about it before and posted a few cool tilt shift videos I found online (Kiev in Miniature & Little Luxembourg).

If you aren’t familiar with tilt shift, it is essentially a type of photography that results in the scene looking miniaturized.

A few months ago I discovered a “toy camera” set of features on my little Canon point-and-shoot camera. One of these effects is tilt shift. A real tilt shift photo requires a DSLR (or film equivalent) and a very expensive lens. Sure, the effect on my camera isn’t the real thing, but it’s been fun to play around with, nonetheless!

Tilt shift effect--Apt. complexTilt shift effect--playgroundTilt shift effect-little girlTilt shift effect-little girls playingTilt shift effect--playground

Do you like this effect? What styles/types of photography interest you?


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6 thoughts on “Tilt Shift Love Affair

  1. Whoa! Those are really amazing. I can’t believe they are shot with a point and shoot or that they are pictures of real life things!

  2. I’ve heard of tilt shift but didn’t know much more (except that there is the feature in instagram that supposedly does it). thanks for the explanation! Out of curiosity I checked how much I’d have to pay for a lens…you weren’t kidding that they are expensive.

  3. >If you aren’t familiar with tilt shift, it is essentially a type of photography that results in the scene looking miniaturized.
    – I wasn’t, so thanks for the explanation, Whitney. I’m not terribly interested in pictures on the whole because I like text better, but I do like learning new things.

    Your tilt shift photographs remind me of village Christmas scenes.

    From your previous post:

    >Between our apartment in Smolyan and house in Elhovets, Vince and I are set when it comes time to retire.
    – Congratulations to you both! That is pretty little place you have there.


  4. They work really well, especially the kids playing area, really look like toy models!

  5. Great pictures. Love the effect

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