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Kordopulov House Museum | Melnik, Bulgaria


Church ruins and Kordopulov HouseVisiting the Kordopulov House Museum in Melnik was the best 4 lv Vince and I have ever spent!

I’m a sucker for historical architecture and museums in general, so Bulgarian house museums are the best of both worlds. Out of all the house museums I have been to, the Kordopulov House (built in 1754) is, by far, my favorite. The house is the largest of its kind in the country and is really a hidden gem. Alright, I am not sure about how “hidden” it is considering it’s one of the main attractions in Melnik, but I had never heard of it until reading up on the area in my LP guidebook and even then not much was said about how truly awesome it is. Kordopulov HouseEntrance to Kordopulov HouseKordopulov HouseKordopulov House Museum

For a whopping 2 lv (about $1.40) each, Vince and I were given free reign to tour the house, take photos (which I later read online other people have been charged for), explore the house’s huge wine cellar, and enjoy a wine tasting.

Like I said. Best money we’ve ever spent in BG!

It’s incredibly interesting to think about all the generations who called the building home. It’s a huge and grand house, even by today’s standards. There was even a sauna!Sauna in Kordopulov House

Like the house museums in Koprivshtitsa, each of the rooms in the Kordopulov House contain period furnishings and items of historical importance. The wealth of the original owner, Greek wine merchant Manolis Kordopulos, is clearly evident in the sheer size of the place as well as the imported Venetian stained glass windows, several private gardens, and wine cellar tunneled into the mountainside. Sitting roomVenetian stained glass windowsCeiling detailVenetian stained glass windowsDining roomVince admiring the viewBedroomCoolest fireplace EVER!Venetian stained glass windows

After touring the different living spaces and climbing up to the rooftop gardens, we made our way to the lower levels of the house, which today feature a small restaurant and a wine tasting room which leads into the cellar tunnels.  Door to gardenDSC_1875DSC_1901DSC_1906Wine tasting roomWine tasting roomEntrance to Kordopulov House's wine cellar
Staring into the dimly lit, cave-like cellar was a little creepy at first, but ended up being a totally awesome experience. There are dozens of HUGE barrels actively being used to store and age the wine.

Vince pressed a coin into the tunnel wall for good luck; a tradition that is clearly very popular!Wine casks at Coins stuck in the walls of Kordopulov House's wine cellarEntrance to wine cellarKordopulov House's wine cellarBarrels of wine in Kordopulov House's wine cellarCoins stuck in the walls of Kordopulov House's wine cellarCoins stuck in the walls of Kordopulov House's wine cellar

After touring the wine cellar, we were treated to a wine tasting. We got to try several different wines produced by the house and eventually settled on a red from 2011. We are kicking ourselves for not buying more than one bottle; it was delicious! We are already planning a return trip to Kordopulov House just to buy the wine!Me in the wine tasting room at Kordopulov HouseWine tasting at Kordopulov House

As a great bonus, the ruins of the 15th c. Sveta Barbara Church lie at the base of the path leading up to the house. There isn’t much left, but they are picturesque, nonetheless.Ruins of the 15th c. Sveta Barbara Church

If you are planning a trip to Melnik, I highly recommend a visit to Kordopulov House. I promise you won’t regret it!


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3 thoughts on “Kordopulov House Museum | Melnik, Bulgaria

  1. What??? $1.40 to tour a lovely old house, take as many photos as you want, and taste awesome wine? Sign me up!

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