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Wordless Wednesday: Sofia’s (abandoned) Central Public Baths


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Sofia's Central Public BathsSofia's Central Public BathsSofia's Central Public BathsSofia's Central Public BathsSofia's Central Public BathsSofia's Central Public BathsSofia's Central Public BathsDSC_1Sofia's Central Public Baths247_bSofia's Central Public Baths

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53 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Sofia’s (abandoned) Central Public Baths

  1. Beautiful Photos!

    Happy Wordless Wednesday, thanks for the linky, I linked up!

  2. wow…really sharp images…great captures 🙂

  3. I am so in love with your pictures!!!!!
    Can I ask what kind of camera you use, and do you do anything specific to make your pictures look SO vibrant? in love!!!

    Thank you for hosting WW with a linky, I have a linky on mine as well if you’d like to visit 😉
    and there’s a giveaway linky on it with thousands of dollars in prizes already! 😉 see you next week!

    • Thanks so much!

      I use a Nikon D90. My favorite lens (and one I used for this set) is the Nikkor 18-200 VR. I also used a polarized filter (to keep the sky blue) and sharpened these photos a bit in Photoshop, but did not do much to change the colors as they were very vibrant to the eye. I think sharpening does make them appear a little more vibrant.

  4. What a beautiful building, such a shame it is abandoned – such a waste! Let’s hope they convert it before it falls into disrepair. I’d LOVE to peek inside too!

  5. Stunning photos – I can’t believe a building the gorgeous is abandoned!

  6. Amazing! Your photos are so beautiful!

    Stopping by from WW- hope you can stop by.. 🙂

  7. Thank you for hosting. Happy WW.

  8. Fabulous photos of what looks like a fabulous trip. When I look at old beautiful old buildings like this I wonder if we building enough beautiful public buildings for our posterity.

  9. Just beautiful! I bet the original inside was amazing.

  10. Gorgeous buildings. I’m wondering if they are similar to the Turkish baths that I believe are still around.. Great shots!

    • The building was known by many as the Turkish Baths, and with Bulgaria’s long (500 years!) history of Ottoman rule, I would guess that it was very much like a traditional Turkish bath.

  11. I should have them tile my bathroom! 😉

  12. I do love such great architecture! One day I will see some for myself. Until then, thanks for sharing!

  13. I feel a travel holiday coming on!

  14. I’ve visited the Roman Baths in Somerset but they didn’t look half as magnificent as this!! Beautiful pics!!

    • Thank you! I think baths in general tend to be beautiful, but usually more so on the inside than the outside. Sofia’s baths are simply gorgeous and it’s too bad that the building is not being used or maintained any longer.

  15. Beautiful pics , as always!!!

  16. What beautiful shots, I love the look of old grand bath houses!

  17. Wow, those are amazing…beautiful architecture!

  18. Wow, what an amazing building. The shots capture a lot of the details and colors. Very cool. Happy WW!

  19. I like the pics, the colours and the lines of them… I was wanting to see more though, like the entire building to see its architecture…

    But, still some great shots!! 🙂

    Mines up as well at AussiePomm – Hong Kong Sunrise!!!!

    Have a great day!!

    • Good point! I wasn’t thinking of doing a post with these photos when I took then or I would have taken a wider angle shot of the entire building. I was just captivated by the colors and shapes when I got up close to the building and at that point I couldn’t take a picture of the entire building because I was on a walking tour and we carried on away from the building! I will have to take more pictures and do another post next time I am in the city!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  20. Lovely architecture on the building. Have yet to visit a bath.

    Dominique @Dominique’s Desk

  21. Great images, really dig the 4th one down!

    Happy WW

  22. Brilliantly fab building

    Have a fantabulosa week

  23. Great shots. Awesome architecture. Thanks for hosting.

  24. beautiful building…one can only imagine what the inside looks like!

  25. What an amazing series. Is there any way to get inside for more?

    • No, Unfortunately, the baths have been closed for years and the building is supposedly being converted into a museum but so far there has been no progress. I would LOVE to get a peek inside.

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