Girl Meets Bulgaria

Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)

Welcome Home, Vince!


He's home!Today was a great day.

Today my husband, Ventsislav, entered the U.S. and became a permanent resident (Green Card holder).

Today a journey nearly 5 years in the making came to an end.

. . .

We could not be more thrilled to be starting the next phase of our life together.

After spending a few days in Utah with my family, Vince will be joining me here in our new home in Alaska.

Today… I am one happy lady!

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7 thoughts on “Welcome Home, Vince!

  1. Whoo hoo!!! I’m so happy for you guys

  2. So happy about you guys! Wish you am amazing start of your new life in Alaska!

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  4. Yay!!! We’re so excited for Vince! We’re excited to see you too Vince (if you’re reading this!)

    -<3 Bryan and Lindsay

    • Thanks, Linds (and Bryan!). Vince had a great time in SLC and I am so glad you all got to see him before he came up to AK. We are {hopefully} going to be home for Christmas!

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