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A Visit to Talkeetna


Nagley's Store - Talkeetna, Alaska
Yesterday, Vince, myself, and one of my employees volunteered in Talkeetna for their Earth Day festivities.

Talkeetna – a quirky little town of about 800 residents – is about an hour from where we live. It’s famous for being the home base for climbers of Mt. McKinley, the inspiration for the town of Cicely on the TV show Northern Exposure, and as the filming location for the Disney film Snow Dogs.

Bustling downtown #Talkeetna, #Alaska. Can't wait for many summer adventures here!Untitled

I’ve visited the town several times in years past but it never gets old. I absolutely love its artsy vibe, unique stores, and fun restaurants.

After helping out the National Park Service at their event, we headed to the Roadhouse for a treat. Vince and I shared a giant cinnamon roll with frosting. Oh my. It was delicious! We’ll definitely be stopping by again on our next visit.Talkeetna RoadhouseTalkeetna RoadhouseEnjoying a "Frosty" after our Earth Day volunteer project. So good!He said it was "too sweet." He has so many things to learn, my new American boy! ;)

Afterwards we wandered around the town a bit and then made our way to the (now frozen) banks of the Chulitna River. It was a clear day and Mt. McKinley was out in all its glory. It’s hard to believe that only about 30% of tourists get to see the mountain (it’s often covered in clouds) when they visit and I have been lucky enough to see it nearly every day since getting here almost three weeks ago.Quaint #Alaskan cabin in Talkeetna.Wandering around Talkeenta, #AlaskauploadUntitledMt. McKinley and the frozen Chulitna River.Vince and I on the banks of the frozen Chulitna River with the beautiful Mt. McKinley in the background. Such a beautiful day!

I don’t know when we’ll have the chance to visit again, but I hope it’s soon!

4 thoughts on “A Visit to Talkeetna

  1. You live truly on the other side of the globe from me, thanks for your blog showing places we have just read about. Would you believe it- my wife has never seen snow in real life…

  2. Wow! We live in such different worlds, you and I. It’s been downright hot here, very unusual for San Francisco. I can’t wait to keep discovering your new life alongside you!

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