Girl Meets Bulgaria

Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)

Bulgaria A-Z


A: Asenovgrad

B: Bachkovo, Batak, Blagoevgrad, Burgas

C: Chepelare

D: Devin, Dospat

E: Elhovets, Etar,


G: Gabrovo, Gradeshnitsa

H: HaskovoHisarya



K: Kalofer, Kardzhali, Koprivshtitsa


M: Madan, Melnik, Mochura, Momchilovtsi

N: Nessebar


P: Pamporovo, PernikPlovdiv


R: Rila, Rozhen, Rudozem, Rupite

S: Shipka, Shiroka Laka (cont.), Smolyan, Sofia, Sozopol, Stara Zagora, Sunny Beach

T: Trigrad


V: Veliko Tarnovo, Velingrad




Z: Zlatograd

**UPDATE- A few letters don’t exist in the Bulgarian alphabet and (obviously) don’t correspond with any cities/villages in Bulgaria. I’ll either leave those blank or fill them in with other cities I travel to outside of BG!

10 thoughts on “Bulgaria A-Z

  1. Hello! My boyfriend and I were just offered jobs to teach an 8 week summer camp in Varna. We’re really excited about the idea and are hoping everything works out! I’m plan on reading through your post to see what I’m getting myself in to. Thanks!

  2. Hey there, loving the blog, just moved to Bulgaria 5 weeks ago for about 10-11 months for a TA position. I really want to travel a lot but cause my Bulgarian is rather poor i don’t have the courage to tackle smaller places yet, so far been to Sofia, Sliven, Veliko Turnovo and yesterday Stara Zagora haha. Will check the blog again for some travel inspiration!

  3. You can visit Lovech as well – a historical city in Northern Bulgaria. 🙂 Good luck! :))

  4. Excited to see more of your blog, I’ve never been to Bulgaria but will be travelling through it by bike this summer – excited to see what beauty the country holds!

    • Have a great trip, Kasia! Seeing Bulgaria from a bike would be such an awesome experience. If you have a blog or share photos at all of your trip, feel free to post a link on my blog!

      • Thanks! In fact I do have a blog for the trip + fundraiser, it is ; thanks for your support!
        I am looking now for couchsurfing or warmShowers peeps to stay with in Bulgaria when I pass through, and perhaps organizing a presentation or two to help raise a bit of money for the cause – any ideas where this would work best ? thanks!

  5. I is for Isperih 🙂 I am curious about J and X

    • Yeah, certain letters are going to be problematic (J, Q, W, X), as they do not exist in the Bulgarian alphabet. I might just fill those in with other cities I travel to outside of Bulgaria or leave them blank. I thought saying Bulgaria A-z (minus blah blah blah) wasn’t as catchy! X is hard no matter what! Looks like I need to travel to China for any chance at that one!

      • You could say J is for the й sound (though I only know villages with that letter, like Йовково / Jovkovo).
        Q could possibly be used in квартал/quartal (quarter) names. Don’t recall any other name with кв.
        X is for Кс/Ks, I know there’s a place called Ксеново in Ukraine, so there’s a remote chance there be a village with that name in Bulgaria.
        W is obsolete. =/

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