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Saying Goodbye to the Olympics


Another Olympic games has come and gone.

For 17 days, the eyes of the world were on London and the amazing feats of athleticism shown by the world’s most seasoned athletes.

♥I loved it♥

I am a HUGE fan of the Olympics, specifically the Summer Olympics.

Sure, the Winter Games are cool–especially when they are held in your own hometown, like they were for me in Salt Lake City in 2002 (side note: can’t believe it’s already been 10 years!). But the Summer Games are where it’s at.

Normally I am not a huge sports fan. I enjoy watching all types of sports, but I am not a diehard fan for any particular sport or team. However, when the Olympics come around my uber-competitive and patriotic spirit comes out in full force.

These games were especially fun as I was rooting for two teams at once: USA and Bulgaria. I am a bicultural girl now, so showing my pride in both sides is a must!

As these games come to a close, here are a few of my thoughts and observations:

  • The Opening Ceremonies–Snooooze.
  • The Olympic cauldron–BEAUTIFUL!
  • Michael Phelps–Still a total stud and much less cocky this time around.
  • It’s absolutely insane how much 1/10 of a second can matter. The difference between getting a medal and going home empty handed.
  • I never grew tired of seeing cute William and Kate cheering on Great Britain from the stands. They are adorable.
  • Aly Raisman’s parents are hilarious, in a totally awkward and embarrassing sort of way.
  • What exactly is the proper protocol for the medals ceremony? Should the athletes place their hands over their hearts for the U.S. national anthem? Mouth the words? Yes…things like this concern me.
  • I’m sorry…I know it is incredibly tough and strenuous, but water polo is amongst the more lame Olympic events.
  • Badminton. Enough said.
  • Oscar Pistorius–Completely inspirational
  • Usain Bolt–An egomaniac of epic proportions, but deservedly so.
  • Gymnastics, swimming, and diving continue to be my favorite events. Rowing is fast becoming one.
  • One that note… male rowers=yum!
  • I never cease to get choked up when watching the U.S. flag being raised and our national anthem playing for all the world to hear.

Here’s to London 2012 and the amazing show of athleticism and national pride!

Perhaps I can experience Rio 2016 in person!


What are your thoughts on London 2012? Any standout moments or favorite events?

: : :

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Happy Independence Day!

Nothing beats celebrating the birth of our nation like getting pie in the face! 😉

I’m too tired now from washing chocolate cream out of my hair and clothes as well as scrubbing my sunglasses and camera to write up a full post of the night’s activities.

But soon!


Happy July 4th, everyone!




Happy Summer Solstice…err, a day late!

I’m a horrible Alaskan (I have an Alaskan driver’s license, so I consider myself a local–clearly undeservedly so!) and thought the Summer Solstice was today. Um, yeah. It was yesterday, June 20th.

Perhaps it was the fog I was in from the previous night’s events, but suffice it to say I noticed more of my pillow and bed than I did the amount of daylight outside.

Side Note: Just because a drink is blue, frozen, and comes with a cherry on top does not mean it is for the faint of heart!

Side Note, Part 2: I am beginning to think Mother Nature is playing a dirty trick on me. The weather has been gorgeous for days, but yesterday–my day off–it poured. Today it’s back to sunny skies and warm temps. Ugh.

The Summer Solstice is a big event in Alaska. With nearly 22 hours of daylight here in the interior, it’s a fun time of year. From here on out the daylight will get shorter and shorter, but for now the sun never really sets.

At night, it gets what I like to call “twilight-y.”

For instance, it’s nearly midnight as I write this and this is what the sky looks like from my window:

I can’t sleep with any light in my room, so it’s been fun arranging my blackout curtains so that not even a sliver of light leaks through.

Alaska is referred to as The Land of the Midnight Sun. It’s clear why…

Anywho. Happy late Solstice!

Hope the summer is treating you well, wherever you happen to find yourself.



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(resisting urge to insert ab-tastic photo of Gerard Butler here from a certain movie…)

There didn’t seem to be a post worthy enough of being of my 300th.

So instead, I decided I simply wanted to send you, my readers,  a HUGE, GIGANTIC, MONSTROUS thank you.

After 300 posts (mostly filled with random drivel), I am still delighted that a) I have kept up with it, and b) that people give one crap about what I have to say.

Weirder things happen everyday, right?! 😉

But yeah. You rock.

Here’s to 300 posts over almost 2 years and to another 300+ in the future.




Party Time: Meeting My New Family!

The pictures I posted last night were probably an exaggeration of how our party went yesterday (gotta keep ya’ll coming back somehow!).

Yes, there was whiskey and beer all around, but it was a lot tamer than I had expected it to be with that amount of alcohol around. I guess simply having the stuff available and free flowing is a Bulgarian thing.

My FIL’s family were incredibly sweet to me, showering me with flowers, chocolates, kitchen stuff, and some cash (to celebrate our marriage).

I am still trying to get used to the triple cheek kiss thing. We don’t do that in America. It’s not that I mind it, I just feel stupid every time one of his family members did it to me, as I got all stiff and didn’t know which way to turn. But I think I had it down by the end of the evening when everyone left and a new round of kisses started.

My in-laws worked really hard on all the food, and it was outstanding. Recently, I have been shying away from meat (I never eat meat everyday at home, and the amount of meat being served to me here started to turn me off), and I have gone days without eating any. But at the party I scarfed up the beef. It was tender and full of flavor.

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