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*Re-post* Road Trip Round Up: Nessebar, Burgas, and Sozopol

I thought a little blast from the past was in order today.

Last March, Vince and I took an incredible road trip across Bulgaria. Our visit to Veliko Tarnovo was a highlight, but nearly breaking my ankle there really put a damper on the trip (click on the Veliko Tarnovo link below for the full story). After almost a year my ankle only recently stopped hurting. I wish we had been able to take another road trip this year, but life got in the way.

I leave Bulgaria and expat life behind tomorrow. Even though I won’t be living here anymore, I will always feel deeply connected to this amazing country. I hope this connection has shone through in my blog.


My first attempt at a retro-postcard design in Photoshop!

Here are the previous posts in the series, if you want to take a look (and why wouldn’t you?!):

I’ve had such great comments and feedback on this series so far. I truly enjoy sharing my travels and photography with others. So thanks, ya’ll!

Now on to the gorgeousness that is the Bulgarian Black Sea coast!

Our first stop was Nessebar (Несебър), a small island connected to the mainland by an isthmus. This picturesque little spot on the sea was charming as could be. I’ve heard the place is completely packed in the summer months, but it was pretty much just Vince, myself, and a few locals here and there. That’s really how all of our stops were–deserted, quiet, and calm. I would love to head back to all of our stops during the summer months, but I am so happy that I was able to experience them without the crowds of tourists. I feel they are their more authentic selves in the off season.

Nessebar is a photographers paradise–small and easily navigable on foot, sun drenched fishing boats float lazily in the sea, the sound of seagulls ever present, and medieval churches stand strong amongst the newer structures.

I could have lazed about on the island for hours. Instead, we walked around a bit, drove the entire perimeter of the island, and I snapped photos throughout.

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Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Bachkovo Monastery

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This post covers two trips to Bulgaria’s beautiful Bachkovo Monastery – the second largest monastery in the country. The first was a quick stop for Vince and I when we were on our way down to Smolyan in November – right at the height of the beautiful fall colors. The second was in December when my mom visited and we made a stop there on the way back to Sofia from Smolyan.

Like I said…doing a lot of blog post catch-up over the next few weeks!

Hope you enjoy the photos (there are a lot of them)!
Bachkovo MonasteryBachkovo MonasteryBachkovo MonasteryBachkovo Monastery
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Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Quirky Turkey

**Linky Below** Mannequins outside a restaurantFalse storefrontsEvil Eye planterA turkey in Turkey!Istanbul's famous Pudding Shop

The Lale Restaurant (or Pudding Shop, as it’s more commonly called) is a located in the Sultanahmet area of Istanbul.

Wikipedia has this to say, “It became popular in the 1960s as a meeting place for hippies and other travelers on overland route between Europe and India, Nepal, and elsewhere in Asia – the ‘hippie trail’. The restaurant got its colloquial name as a result of “word-of mouth” from numerous foreign travelers that could not remember the name of the eatery but did remember the wide and popular selection of puddings sold there and thus referred to it as the ‘pudding shop’.” The restaurant featured in the book and movie Midnight Express (NOT a movie to watch right before venturing to Turkey!).

A big part of me wishes I had hung out here and then started my own journey to Asia!

(I’ll have proper Istanbul posts up this week, but for now you can check out some photos of my trip on Flickr.)

Happy Wednesday!



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Wordless Wednesday: Sea, Sunsets, and Seagulls in Istanbul

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Bridge over the BosphorusOut on the BosphorusView of the sea from our hotel in IstanbulRetro-fied seagullsSunrays and shipsGorgeous sunset over Sea of Marmara--Istanbul, Turkey

I’m happy to be back for another WW!

More posts on Istanbul in the coming days. It’s taking awhile to sort through all my photos!

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