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Alaskan Winter Break-Up

Break up in #Alaska

This time of year in Alaska – when the snow and ice are melting into ankle-breaking piles of slush and sock-soaking frigid puddles – is known as “break-up.”

Break-up is a sure sign that spring is waking from its long slumber and will soon turn the white and dead landscape into a myriad of lush, beautiful colors.

One must deal with this rather unpleasant time of year in order to get to the gorgeous Alaskan summers which are, unfortunately, all too short-lived.

So here I am, reveling in the sight of asphalt and patches of brown grass. We may not get cherry or plum blossoms, bright daffodils, or delicate tulips, but spring here is beautiful and exciting, nonetheless!

Spring is here! Hurrah!



Wordless Wednesday: Sea, Sunsets, and Seagulls in Istanbul

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Bridge over the BosphorusOut on the BosphorusView of the sea from our hotel in IstanbulRetro-fied seagullsSunrays and shipsGorgeous sunset over Sea of Marmara--Istanbul, Turkey

I’m happy to be back for another WW!

More posts on Istanbul in the coming days. It’s taking awhile to sort through all my photos!

Please link up your own post below and I will be sure to swing by and check it out!

(I’m also linking up over on Weekly Top Shot)


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Wordless Wednesday: Flowers of the Mediterranean

(Photos taken in Turkey and Greece during my recent Mediterranean cruise)

Kusadasi, Turkey

Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Mykonos, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Isle of Capri

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Thanks for stopping by for another Wordless Wednesday!


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First Snowfall in Sofia | Dec. 03, 2012

No view of Vitosha today!
It’s snowing in Sofia!

The Utah girl in me is excited to see the white stuff coming down, especially in big, beautiful flakes.

The other part of me, the one who lived through the horrible winter last year in Smolyan, is wishing it away for just a little longer.

I guess Mother Nature doesn’t care what I want and is doing her own thing.

It was hard dragging myself out of my warm blanket and off the couch to go out into the cold on the balconies; but I had to snap a few photos to mark the occasion of the first snowfall in Sofia for winter 2012.

Piling up

Snow on the rooftops

Snowy shops

I even shot a quick video!

(Sheesh, you’d think it was the first time in my life seeing snow!)

Wherever you are, I hope you are warm and safe and enjoying the holiday season.



P.S. You can hover over each photo for a caption or click on the photo to be taken to my Flickr feed. There are lots more photos there!

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Little Luxembourg

Hello, friends!

Sorry the posts have been so few and far between the past few weeks.

I am so overwhelmed lately with all I have to get done before leaving for BG that most areas of my life are suffering a bit. I am so overwhelmed, in fact, that I usually just end up ignoring all the pressing issues and doing something else; like shopping at Target or watching far too much YouTube.

Blogging hasn’t even been a blip on my radar; BUT that will soon change as I get back into daily life in Bulgaria with my hubs. We have some amazing things planned, so expect lots of posts in the near future.

My YouTube obsession does have some perks; it enables me to find little gems like the one I want to share with you today…

Another interesting tilt shift photography time-lapse video. This time on Luxembourg.

You might remember a similar video that I shared on Kiev, Ukraine awhile back.

I am completely enamored with these miniaturized views of such quaint and bustling cities.

I think someone should do one on Sofia!

(I know I certainly would if I had the time, expensive camera equipment, patience, and bird’s-eye view shooting locations).

Anywho, please enjoy this unique look at Luxembourg by Joerg Daiber (or LittleBigWorld, on YouTube).

LittleBigWorld has many other cool tilt shift videos posted on their YouTube channel.

My favorites include Thailand, Brooklyn, Spain, and Ardennes.

Check ’em out and let me know what you think!


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