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Downton Abbey Obsessed


Fact: I love history, the English countryside, sparkly jewelry, beautiful clothing, intrigue, and smart-mouthed old ladies. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I am in absolute love with the BBC TV show, Downton Abbey (like most of the world).

If you’ve never seen the show…well, I feel sorry for you! It’s completely addictive and a lot of fun to watch.

The show is centered around Downton Abbey, the stately home of the Earl of Grantham and his family. The first season starts just as the Titanic sinks and the Earl’s heir, a passenger, is presumed dead. English inheritance laws dictate that the three Grantham daughters cannot take over the estate when their father dies. From there, chaos and shenanigans ensue, between the family themselves as well as their staff.

My favorite character is the uppity grandmother, Lady Grantham, the Dowager Countess, played by the marvelous Maggie Smith. Her one-liners (or zingers, as some people are calling them) are hilarious!


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Randomly Me Monday: Volume Seven | 10 Day You Challenge

ten secrets


Continuing the 10 Day You Challenge today with nine loves

1) Travel–Honestly, when I think of the one overriding love or passion in my life, traveling and exploring the world is the first thing to come to mind. There really isn’t anywhere on earth I wouldn’t love to explore. I am forever planning my next trip and dreaming about the new experiences I will encounter. It really doesn’t matter if it’s a road trip somewhere close or a trip halfway around the world: I am in! To get really specific, out of everywhere I have been, Scotland takes the cake as my favorite destination. I was only there a few days, but the breathtaking countryside and genuinely warm people burrowed their way deep into my heart and soul. I would love to live there one day.

2) Photography–I can still remember my first camera, a cheapo 110 film Kodak given to me by my grandparents when I was a young child. People have often told me how good my photographs are, but until a few years ago I never really saw it. Now I feel like my personal photography style and unique way of seeing the world is coming through in the photos I take. I still have a HUGE amount to learn about the art itself (and using my camera in manual mode), but I feel that this is what makes photography great–there is always room for learning and growing.

3) Arts and crafts–Ever since I was little I have loved making things with my hands. I cannot draw or paint for the life of me, but I love making jewelry, scrapbooking, and doing needlework. Now by no means am I fantastic at any of them (although I am pretty proud of some of my jewelry pieces), but I sure try! My dream job would be to work out of a home studio making something beautiful for the world to enjoy. And while it may not be an art or craft, I enjoy cooking and am looking forward to improving my talents (with my husband as guinea pig, of course!).

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With all our time spent indoors the past week or so (seems like much longer), it’s no surprise that the hours spent glued to my laptop screen have substantially increased.

So… What’s floatin’ my boat these days?

  • The hilarious world of “Gary” and “Elaine” over on Catalog Living. Check it out. You’ll laugh your behind off!
  • I love vintage photos and all things weird/macabre, so Black and WTF was a fun find.
  • Recently, Sublime Stitching (which has been on my radar for years) has renewed my love for embroidery. I have a hankerin’ to bust out some personalized tea towels and pillow cases. Too bad my stash of embroidery floss is at home (along with all my other crafting supplies–BOO!) I am going to buy one of their kits and some patterns once I am stateside in April.
  • Extreme sidewalk chalk art is always fun to look at (please ignore the fact that it’s on Nick Cannon’s website. Came upon it through Stumbleupon).
  • The always gorgeous photos and words of Miz Booshay
  • Finally all caught up on one of my favorite TV time sucks: Dexter.
  • Pinterest in general, but more specifically:

Fun ways to assemble kids' meals.

Cute baby animal overload! (couldn't find original source)

All things Peter Pan--my fave!

Campfire Cones--such a great idea!

The gorgeous photography of Irene Suchocki

**Click on photos to link to source**

You can check out all my pins (and there are lots) here.


What are you loving lately? Any internet time sucks you’d like to share? COMMENT!


*Did you participate in the SOPA/PIPA blackout yesterday? If not, you can still show your support and help make a difference. Congress votes on the SOPA/PIPA bills on Tuesday, Jan. 23rd. There’s still time to voice your opinion and tell the the U.S. government that internet censorship is unacceptable.*