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Exploring The Commons: People and their Pets

I often find myself searching through The Commons on Flickr for hours at a time. I love historical/black and white photography and this place is the absolute mother lode.

The Commons is an archive of public photography from around the world. Most of the photos are out of copyright/in the public domain and can be used in a variety of ways; usually without any attribution (great for us bloggers). The photos range from quirky and fun to touching and heartbreaking. Some date back to the beginnings of photography while others are much more recent.

Because I spend so much time on the site and find so many great photos, I thought I would start a regular series here on the blog where I share my favorites with you. Some posts, like today’s, will have some sort of theme; other days they will just be random.

Please feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts on the pictures or provide links to your favorite photos in The Commons.

*You can hover over each photo for the title or click through to link the the original on Flickr*
Dog with backpack, 1939 / by Sam HoodZookeeper and bearsStudy of a girl with ringlets teaching her dog to sit up, 1930s / by Sam HoodRoyal Easter Show, 1935 / by Sam HoodStudy of a small girl with a prize Scottish terrier dog, c. 1935 / by Sam HoodEvacuation from Tobruk, 1941Llangefni children enjoying the sun with their pet rabbit

I think I’ve been drawn to these photographs this week because I am missing my pups back at home in Utah. I’ve had pets from the day I was born, so being here in Bulgaria with no kitty or pup to love on is tough. The fact that there are so many strays in Sofia makes it even worse. I want to brings each and every one of them home. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible (obviously), so I have to make due by feeding them whenever I can. Perhaps this makes the problem worse, but I can’t help it.

These photos of children, soldiers, and others enjoying their pets and showing them love helps to mend my aching heart.

And that little girl in the white dress with her puppy? Too cute for words.


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Wordless{ish} Wednesday: The Sleepy Residents of Ephesus

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Recently my husband and I visited the amazing ruins of Ephesus, Turkey.

The site itself was enough to keep my interested for the better part of a day; however, it was the current inhabitants that I truly got a kick out of.

Everywhere you looked there was a cat sleeping on a column or sunning itself on an ancient mosaic floor.

They are clearly strays but they don’t seem to mind; they call ancient ruins their home and sleep all day…what a life!

Catching some zzzz'sFinding some shadeUtterly relaxedDon't mind meEnjoying the sunKing of the column

The throngs of tourists didn’t phase them one bit.

They were clearly too relaxed to be bothered!


*For more kitty goodness, check out my recent post on the cat’s taking over Rome!

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An Afternoon at the Zoo

Utah's Hogle Zoo

On Sunday, my 6-year-old cousin, A,, and I headed to Hogle Zoo, located in Salt Lake City.

I haven’t been to the zoo since last year, so the changes were a bit of a shock.

The iconic mini-train ride of my childhood is no more. In its place is a mass of fencing, mounds of dirt, and signs for the upcoming ‘African Savanna’ opening in 2014. I’m glad we’re getting the African cats back (they’ve been gone for a few years now as the zoo is doing its exhibits by geographic region rather than just a mix of everything), but I’m going to miss the random assortment of animals visible from the train ride: buffalo, sheep, etc.

**Update! After scoping out the zoo’s website, I am happy to report that the train will reopen in 2014 and feature a longer ride around the new African Savanna exhibit! We’re talkin’ free-roamin’ giraffes, zebras, and ostriches. Nice!**

Baby Zuri
Baby Zuri


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