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Weekend Recap

Asen's Fortress

We just returned from a weekend getaway to Smolyan and I am pooped.

Time sure passes quickly when you are having a good time!

It was a wonderful trip and I am so glad to finally be able to see and experience Bulgaria in the fall; it’s downright gorgeous.

The autumn colors here rival anything I have seen in Utah or Alaska.

I don’t have it in me to write up a full post tonight–after the 4-hour drive home we went grocery shopping and unpacked all my suitcases and the stuff we brought up from the apartment in Smolyan, so my energy levels are nil–BUT I can certainly recap all the awesome things we did:

  • We drove down after Vince got off of work on Friday night. I slept most of the way, but I did wake up in time to see Asen’s Fortress all lit up. Vince said the new lighting has been in place for awhile. It’s really something. I am looking forward to driving by again when it’s dark. When we arrived in Smolyan, around 10pm, my MIL had her yummy bean soup and klin (A Rhodopean-dish made with potatos and pastry) waiting for us.
  • Saturday we decided to make the most of the beautiful weather and attempt to reach Devil’s Bridge (Diavolski most). I have been obsessed with seeing the bridge for years but its location, 10km down an unpaved road from Ardino, make it impossible during the winter months (which has always been when I arrived in BG until now). The road was definitely rough and we ended up having to walk about 2 miles, but we made it and the end result was well worth the effort. The bridge is breathtaking (full post with pics to come!).
  • Saturday evening we relaxed, gorged ourselves on more of my MIL’s specialties, and I ended the night curled up in bed with a new book on my Kindle, Gone Girl.
  • This morning we packed up a bunch of stuff to take to our apartment and yes, ate some more! We got a fairly early start, so we decided to stop off at a few spots along the road: Bachkovo Monastery and Asen’s Fortress (yep, posts to come on these as well!).


All in all it was a quick but fun weekend. It was great seeing my in-laws after so long and they definitely took care of us and sent us home with TONS of food. We are set on bottled/canned goods for the entire winter, and good thing because I love my MIL’s peppers, lyutenitsa, jam, and….ok, basically everything she makes!

I don’t know how I managed to survive the first 25 years of my existence without a doting baba in my life!

Hope you all had a great weekend as well,


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A Friday Drive to Kardzhali (Кърджали)

**Warning: Post is picture heavy! Beautiful weather=snap happy Whitney!**

The hubster and I decided to get the hell out of dodge and take a drive yesterday. We are starting to run out of places to see close to home, so we branched out a bit and drove the nearly 2 hours to Kardzhali. The weather was gorgeous and people were out en masse enjoying the sun.

I don’t know much about Kardzhali, which is likely why it didn’t do much for me. But the drive from Smolyan was fantastic.

We literally drove around the city for about 15 minutes and then headed home.

We did stop and ask for directions to Perperikon (which I am dying to go see), but it was 20km outside of town and required a 2 mile hike. It was getting pretty late, so we decided to try and go back sometime in the future.

Now that I’ve done a little research on Kardzhali (which would have been helpful prior to visiting the city!), there are a few sites and museums that sound really interesting.

I am really looking forward to going back.

We also stopped in Ardino and asked some people for directions to Devil’s Bridge (Dyavolski most). Unfortunately, it was still too snowy for our little car, so we resolved to come back to this one as well.

Basically all this trip did was wet my travelin’ appetite! I’m planning a fairly epic week+ long trip across the country for Ventsi and I next month. I have GOT to explore more of BG before I head home at the end of next month.

Now on to the photos!


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