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In case you couldn’t tell from my last few posts, I have left my beloved Alaska and ventured back to my home state of Utah.

I made a brief (and super stressful) stop in Los Angeles for one night to visit the Bulgarian Consulate to apply for my long-stay visa (detailed post to come).

I cannot believe how fast the summer went by. Denali, as always, was a blur of fun times, stress, and craziness; and I am sure going to miss it.

I’ll be slummin’ it at my mom’s house (sleeping on an air mattress in my bedroom) for the next month before jet setting back to Bulgaria.

A certain handsome Bulgarian man is eagerly awaiting my arrival, and I his amazing hugs and sweet smell.

In other news..

Lately I have been:

Watching: You name it. After nearly 5 months of little to no internet (which meant no Hulu, YouTube, etc.), I am more than catching up on my fair share of mindless entertainment. I only have a short time to watch everything before going back to Bulgaria, land of crappy website access. Specific favorites include New Girl (love me some Zooey Deschanel), The Office (it’s the last season, *tear*), House Hunters International (did I ever mention that I was contacted by the casting director for this show about Vince and I doing an episode? HA! All I could do was laugh and politely decline. As much as I love watching the show, I am not the type to be on the show) , and of course, hours of beauty gurus, music videos, and vlogs on ‘The Tube’ (YouTube).

Listening to: Similar to my round-the-clock catch-up on TV and the internet, I have also been listening to music like crazy. It’s awesome having Spotify back regularly. A few specific artists/bands that I have been enjoying lately are Mumford and Sons (sorry if you are tired of hearing me talk about them!), Foster the People, The Decemberists, Bon Iver, Of Monsters and Men, and Augustana. I’m working on another ‘On Rotation’ post, so stay tuned for that!

Eating: I actually haven’t gone as nuts as I thought I would in the food department since being back in UT. That will likely change as my departure to Bulgaria gets closer. As much as I adore Bulgarian food, there are just some things from home that I dearly miss when I am away.

Wishing: OK, it’s more like PRAYING that my long-stay Bulgarian visa arrives before my flight in November. I think I may have booked my departure date too soon. The consulate said the visa will take about 30 business days; my flight is on the 31st business day. Holy. Schnikies. Please send good vibes my way! Paying to change my flight is the last thing that I need right now!

Anticipating: AH! SO many things! I am really anticipating getting back to Bulgaria and my hubs, of course. I am also extremely excited for my upcoming travels (a post coming soon), living and adventuring in Sofia, my 27th birthday, my first Christmas abroad, my MIL’s cooking, and making new friends (on that note, if you live in Sofia, or anywhere in BG for that matter, please send me an email–I’d love to meet up!)

Well. That’s all for now, folks!

As always, thanks for stopping by my little corner of the blogosphere.


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On Rotation

Shhh. I don’t want to jinx it, but the internet has actually been working in my room for a few weeks now.

Which means Spotify has made its way back into my daily routine.

After months of sitting on my butt in Bulgaria working, blogging, and surfing, I definitely think I needed a few months to unplug a bit and fill my mind (and time) with other things. Alaska is certainly the perfect place to do just that.

That being said, it’s nice being “back on the grid” a little more. I can actually work again (SEO article writing), blog again (albeit only here and there) and, of course, fall in love with new (to me) bands and albums.

Here’s what’s floatin’ my boat these days…

Emeli Sandé – Next to Me

Emeli Sandé – Wonder (Original Mix)

I LOVE her unique sound and catchy lyrics.

: : :

John Mayer – Shadow Days

John Mayer – The Age of Worry

Some people give me crap for it, but I adore John Mayer. Always have. Can’t see it changing anytime soon! This new album is good-not my favorite of his, but still really good.

: : :

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Randomly Me Monday: Self Portrait and Currently

For this week’s post, I’m switching things up a bit from last Monday. I came across this link-up on Baby in Bulgaria and clicked over to The Paper Mama to see what it was all about.

Maybe it’s a generalization, but I think very few women love having their photo taken, and fewer still jump at the chance to post photos of themselves on the internet.

But I think self-portraits are important. Too often women focus on documenting their kids, travels, home, etc., and forget about documenting themselves. I try to post photos of myself on my blog every so often even if I don’t think the photo is the most flattering (they rarely are!) because I think it adds a bit of a personal touch to my posts. Yes, they are usually the awkward arm-out photo with the hubby, but that still counts, right?!

This photo is unstaged and has no interesting background. No distractions. I just grabbed the camera and snapped a pic. It’s me in this moment; blemishes, tired eyes, comfy clothes, and all:

Currently I am…

Obsessing over…

Makeup. I have a bit of a fetish for cosmetics and I watch far too many YouTube “beauty guru” videos. It’s a guilty pleasure. All I can think about is buying new products! Luckily, there isn’t a Sephora in Bulgaria! Oh wait… Just Googled it, looks like there is one in Sofia. Greaaaaaaaat. 😉

Thinking about…

My upcoming 3rd summer working in Alaska. It will be the first time I have been there without Vince and I am trying to put on a brave front. I just have to focus on the good stuff: spending time with friends, lots of time outdoors (in gorgeous Denali!), Alaskan Summer and Amber (my two favorite beers), and delicious Prospector’s pizza!


Warmer weather. We haven’t traveled nearly as much as I thought we would have by now and I am so looking forward to better weather so that we can explore more of Bulgaria.

Listening to…

Seeing how Pandora and Spotify are blocked in Bulgaria, I am only left with YouTube to access music (my iPod is all but dead). Recently I have been enjoying Mumford and Sons, Coldplay, Lana Del Rey (trying to decide what I think of her), and Jonsi.


Just finished a cup of Nescafe 3-in-1 and some vanilla wafer cookies. I am hoping the coffee doesn’t keep me up all night!


Our car is having some issues. I am really hoping the problems aren’t major and don’t cost us a ton!


Anywho, I just really enjoyed the idea of this link-up and I like reading what others are up to. I hope you do as well!