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Help a Girl Out!

Via (the best camera website around)

Hey all!

I’d normally never come on here and ask for a favor, but this time I am!

Pictureline, a camera company in Utah (and other states as well, I believe), is giving away a Nikon D800. The camera is Nikon’s newest release and IT. IS. AMAZING!

I am a total Nikon fiend, so this is my dream camera.

If you would be so kind to click on the link below, and “Like” Pictureline, as well as sign up for the contest (if you are a U.S. resident), I get an extra entry into the giveaway! Plus, you are entered to win yourself! If I can’t win it, I would love for one of my readers to!

Completely quick and easy. Oh, and you would totally be helping moi out!

Thanks a million!