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Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Abandoned

During our March road trip, Vince and I saw this beautiful, huge abandoned house in Hisarya. I made him pull around–we were on a 1 way street–to let me out so that I could take some photos.

I found the side gate open and was so tempted to venture in. But I chickened out as thoughts of being thrown into a Bulgarian jail for trespassing flooded my mind.

I am still regretting it. Maybe one day we’ll visit again and I can poke around the place (and eat more of the amazing fig ice cream I enjoyed nearby).

Seems like it may have been a school at some point as there were lots of rusting slides and playground equipment scattered around the property.

It makes me sad to see such a grand house in complete disrepair.

On that note…

Happy WW!


(No linkies for the next few weeks as I settle into my Alaska life and wait for some reliable(ish) internet. Sorry!)