Girl Meets Bulgaria

Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)


Bulgarian Liberation Day

On March 1st when I posted about Baba Marta, I forgot to mention an even more important Bulgarian holiday: Bulgarian Liberation Day.

Liberty Monument at Shipka

Today marks Bulgaria’s liberation from the Ottomans, who ruled the country for nearly 500 years. Liberation came on March 3rd, 1878, when the Treaty of San Stefano was signed by the Russian and Ottoman Empires outside of Istanbul.

After the Congress of Berlin took place a few months later; Bulgaria, a country ruled by the Ottomans since the 14th century, was now an independent nation.

Vince told me that people celebrate by placing flowers and notes at the many Liberation monuments around the country. Some also bust out the fireworks like Americans do on our own Independence Day, but the majority of people (especially in those towns and villages that saw battles during the 1877-78 battle for liberation) celebrate in a more subdued and reflective way.

Google even marked the occasion today with its Google Logo featuring the Bulgarian flag and the monument in Shipka (on Google BG)

In my opinion, however, being freed from a tax-hungry and over-zealous king thousands of miles away pales in comparison to the freeing of a nation that had been occupied by another empire for almost 500 years.

Now, don’t think me unpatriotic. I am proud to be American and I know the sacrifices our country and its founders when through so that we could be the country we are today. It just boggles my mind when I think about how a country like Bulgaria was largely able to retain its own traditions and culture after having been occupied by the Turks for nearly half a millennium.

America was born after our liberation from the English, we didn’t have centuries upon centuries of history and a national identity prior to that like the Bulgarians did.

I know the two situations have little in common, It just got me thinking about my own country’s history and struggles.

Bulgaria’s Tsar Ferdinand officially declared the country’s independence from the Ottoman Empire on September 22, 1908 in the old Bulgarian capital of Tarnovo. This date is celebrated annually as the nation’s Independence Day.

I am still learning about the many holidays here in BG, so if any of this info is off or I stated something incorrectly, please feel free to correct me in the comment. I know how fiercely proud Bulgarians are of their liberation and independence, so I would hate to offend anyone!

I am a huge history buff, so learning about Bulgarian history is very interesting to me.



Fourth of July in Denali

The Fourth of July in Denali, Alaska, “Land of the Midnight Sun,” definitely doesn’t equal fireworks and parades. It does, however, equal a really fun time spent with friends in a beautiful location.

Me, Katy Pughes and Kristi

Monday, July 4th, marked my 2nd month in Alaska (well, technically it was early on the 5th, but who is counting?). It also marked my second Independence Day celebrated in the state, the 49th to join the union.

The holiday is a big one here at the Princess Homestead, my home for the summer. There is a big BBQ, outdoor games, contests, and of course, the pie eating contest. This year, the weather didn’t cooperate as well as we’d have liked and the BBQ was held inside. I ate cotton candy and a coke-float for the first time in recent memory. It did warm up later in the evening and we were able to relax on the grass before the extremely messy pie eating contest. It was so messy, in fact, that a few of us were worried about the smell attracting bears!

Pie eating contest (more like fight)!

Love these girlies!

Reylyn, Ventsi and Brittany

After the festivities at the Homestead wrapped up, some friends and I decided to head to Dry Creek for a bonfire, drinks and s’mores.

Fire and s'mores at Dry Creek

Katy Pughes hearts marshmallows!

I enjoy spending time with smaller groups of close friends over large parties, so it was a perfect way to end the holiday. The sparkler-wand spell casting bit didn’t hurt either!

Zach and James being nerds!

This will likely be the last Fourth of July I spend in Alaska. Well, as an employee with Princess anyway. So, I am glad it was a fun, relaxed night spent with friends (and one tiny puppy, named Carlo).

Cari's new pup, Carlo (as in Carlo Creek)

I can’t believe it is already July and that I have been here 3 months. Time definitely flies when you are having fun (oh, and working 6 days per week!).

Next year, I’ll be in Bulgaria celebrating July 4th. Hmm. Should be interesting!