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Cougar Town necklace and other jewelry projects

I am finally getting around to posting my jewelry pics.

I made all this stuff ages ago, but I couldn’t find my camera at the time to take pictures.

I have made jewelry for years and I usually draw ideas from jewelry pieces I see on TV, movies, or in my day-to-day life. A few months ago I saw an episode of “Cougar Town” on TV. I instantly fell in love with the necklace that Courtney Cox’s character wears in nearly every episode (the long one with the little discs). I went online to try to find/buy it. Ha! Well, I found it alright, too bad it costs $3500!


As time went on, the necklace became more and more popular and now it’s easy to find knock-offs, especially on Etsy. Still, I wasn’t willing to pay the $75+ that people were charging for it, so I bought all the supplies (the little circles took me forever to find) and got to it. I also made the gold leaf necklace she wears and I’m thinking about making a replica of her turtle necklace. Basically what I am saying is that the show stinks, but seeing her jewelry alone makes it worth watching!

It was easy to make and so far, the gold-plating is holding up well. In addition to the 44″ circle necklace and the leaf necklace, I made a necklace with organic-shaped circles, two bracelets, and a pair of earrings.


Here is a not-so-flattering pic of me wearing the leaf and circle necklaces:


All together, I probably spent $20 on the supplies, and I still have lots left for future projects.

I even gave some supplies to my pal A. and she made the necklace too!

If you are interested in where I got the stuff needed to make the necklace, check out these Etsy shops (again, the gold discs were tricky to find, but with some work searching, it can be done!):

I have other pieces in the works, so I’ll post those soon as well.




Due to a combination of factors, I stopped blogging for a little bit.

But I’m back now!

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. December is here with a vengeance in Utah. We have tons of snow and tons of idiotic drivers to go along with it.

I worked what is hopefully my last University of Utah Football game. I was out in below-freezing temps for over 8 hours (BOO!). We won, and against BYU (our biggest rival) no less. I am praying that this time next year I will be freezing my butt of in Bulgaria as opposed to freezing my butt off in Utah!

I have been a crafting maniac the past few weeks. I do this. I have these spurts of creative energy every few months. Sadly, it usually peters out and I end up with half-finished projects. However, I am happy to say that this time around that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I {finally} got my jewelry supplies from Etsy and made my “Cougar Town” necklaces. In addition to those I also made a few matching bracelets and some earrings.

My slightly ambitious plan is to make all my Christmas gifts this year. Don’t know how well that is working out as I have already purchased a few items for some people.

I recently got the knitting bug again and have been stalking ravelry day and night. I think I finally came to the conclusion that I prefer knitting over crochet. Which kind of sucks as I have an almost-finished blanket for V. that has been sitting for 2 years now.

Anywho, I ordered some wool yarn in very specific colors for a very special project (more on that in a future post). While waiting for that yarn to arrive, I am making some awesome cotton dish cloths to take with me when I move to Bulgaria. Already accessorizing my future kitchen, is that weird? My aunt has had them since I can remember and they are always the ones I reach for when I am cleaning up the all too often baking messes Annalee and I make in her kitchen.

Finally, today is the opening day for applications for Princess Tours in Alaska. I am going to be applying soon and it’s a bit of a surreal experience. I worked in Denali in 2008 (where I met V.) and have always wanted to go back. It’s still not a done deal. I have to be hired (not super worried about that) and V. has to get his work visa (super worried about that).  Fingers crossed we will find ourselves in beautiful Denali, Alaska this upcoming summer.

That about wraps up the past few weeks of my life.

Captivating, wasn’t it? 😉