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Saying Goodbye to the Olympics


Another Olympic games has come and gone.

For 17 days, the eyes of the world were on London and the amazing feats of athleticism shown by the world’s most seasoned athletes.

♥I loved it♥

I am a HUGE fan of the Olympics, specifically the Summer Olympics.

Sure, the Winter Games are cool–especially when they are held in your own hometown, like they were for me in Salt Lake City in 2002 (side note: can’t believe it’s already been 10 years!). But the Summer Games are where it’s at.

Normally I am not a huge sports fan. I enjoy watching all types of sports, but I am not a diehard fan for any particular sport or team. However, when the Olympics come around my uber-competitive and patriotic spirit comes out in full force.

These games were especially fun as I was rooting for two teams at once: USA and Bulgaria. I am a bicultural girl now, so showing my pride in both sides is a must!

As these games come to a close, here are a few of my thoughts and observations:

  • The Opening Ceremonies–Snooooze.
  • The Olympic cauldron–BEAUTIFUL!
  • Michael Phelps–Still a total stud and much less cocky this time around.
  • It’s absolutely insane how much 1/10 of a second can matter. The difference between getting a medal and going home empty handed.
  • I never grew tired of seeing cute William and Kate cheering on Great Britain from the stands. They are adorable.
  • Aly Raisman’s parents are hilarious, in a totally awkward and embarrassing sort of way.
  • What exactly is the proper protocol for the medals ceremony? Should the athletes place their hands over their hearts for the U.S. national anthem? Mouth the words? Yes…things like this concern me.
  • I’m sorry…I know it is incredibly tough and strenuous, but water polo is amongst the more lame Olympic events.
  • Badminton. Enough said.
  • Oscar Pistorius–Completely inspirational
  • Usain Bolt–An egomaniac of epic proportions, but deservedly so.
  • Gymnastics, swimming, and diving continue to be my favorite events. Rowing is fast becoming one.
  • One that note… male rowers=yum!
  • I never cease to get choked up when watching the U.S. flag being raised and our national anthem playing for all the world to hear.

Here’s to London 2012 and the amazing show of athleticism and national pride!

Perhaps I can experience Rio 2016 in person!


What are your thoughts on London 2012? Any standout moments or favorite events?

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