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Thankful for the Little Things

Thankful for the Little Things_2

Whew! What a whirlwind week it has been (and will continue to be)!

Monday I turned 27. Wednesday marked my first week back in Bulgaria. And on Sunday, Vince and I leave for a few days wandering around Rome before our 2 week cruise.

I haven’t been bored, that’s for sure!

Because I’m home alone all day, I often have time to take random photos of things that make me happy. Hence the start of these “little things” posts.

The weeks that I find I took enough random photos to whip up a collage…you’ll see a post like this one (in some form or another) make its way onto the blog.

I think for most people, this type of thing is what Instagram is for (random photos of everyday stuff), but seeing as I don’t have a smart phone and probably won’t for quite a long time, this is my own version of Instagram–Whitneygram?

Enough talk. On to the captions… *clockwise from top left*

  • Cheap beer–A 2 liter of beer only costs about 3lv or so here (approx. $1.50). It’s not the best stuff I have ever tasted, but it’s decent. Oh, and did I mention CHEAP! 6% alcohol isn’t bad either (Utah friends you know why this matters).
  • Dark fall nail colors
  • Homemade tea–No idea what the two plants are. My MIL makes this amazing tea and sent us home with the ingredients after our weekend visit. You just throw it all in some water, boil for a bit, and BAM! yummy freakin’ beverage!
  • Reusable ceramic mugs (for said tea)
  • Travel planning (map of Rome)–I love it. Weirdly, however, I have done the least amount of planning for this trip compared to every other vacation I have ever been on. Granted, being on a cruise provides quite a lot of structure, so there is little to plan overall. Our plans? Walk. Take photos. Eat (buffets! room service! street food!). Lounge. Sleep.
  • Wild raspberry jam–Picked this amazing stuff up at Bachkovo Monastery. I’ve been eating it on buttered bread all week. It’s too delicious for words. Definitely stocking up next time we are down there.
  • Cozy slippers
  • Birthday dinner in the city at Made in Home. Such a great night.


What little things are you thankful for lately?


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The Hunger Games

My mom and I finally went and saw the Hunger Games yesterday. I made her promise to wait for me to get home to see it together.

I took the opportunity to wear some of my new Hunger Games nail polish from China Glaze.

I used Riveting (a bright, shimmering orange) as a base with Electrify (an orangey-red and gold micro glitter) over it. It’s loud but I totally love it. I am going to go crazy with the 10 colors I bought from the collection. I can’t wear many of them while I am working in Alaska (gotta keep it somewhat professional!), so April is my time to sport the blingy nail look!

And now my thoughts on the movie itself…

While I can’t say that it lived up to all the hype, or came near to being as great as the book (I rarely think movie adaptations are), it was a good movie.

I thought that the woman who play Katniss Everdeen, Jennifer Lawrence, was a great choice for the role.

I was sad they left some of my favorite parts of the book out, but it’s par for the course with movies like these.

I am looking forward to seeing the next film. Book #2 in the series, Catching Fire, was my favorite of the trilogy, so I am excited to see what they do for the movie.

Are any of you big Hunger Games fans? If you’ve seen it, what did you think of the movie?