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Me=Tattoo Free

Every so often I mull over the idea of getting a tattoo. No roses, butterflies, or horrible tribal design for me. No, I know exactly what I would get and why.

Even with this certainty, it never fails that the second I start seriously considering the idea of getting inked, I have horrible nightmares of getting some huge monstrosity that cannot be removed. I wake up from these dreams and immediately swear off ever considering the idea again. Too permanent. Not for me.

Slowly the fears fade away and the idea comes back.

So what would I get if I did decide to go through with it?

A compass. A nautical or Mariner’s compass, to be exact.

"Tuvieron mucha mar y más que en todo el viaje habían tenido"Back tattooTattoo additionsArt Nouveau Styled Compass Rose

None of these are exactly what I would choose, but they are in the ballpark.

If I were SUPER daring, I might even add an excerpt from one of my favorite quotes by Tolkien, “Not all those who wander are lost.”

I love the design and how it would symbolize my passion for exploring the world and taking grand adventures, both in travels and life in general.

Alas, Vince doesn’t like tattoos and because I have such doubts, I am pretty sure I’ll never go under the needle, but it’s still fun to look at designs now and then!

For all you tattoo-free peeps, do you ever consider getting something done? If so, what?! For those of who do have them, do you ever regret it?


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